Cause and effect of cell phone Essay

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Cause and effect of cell phone

Cell phone is one of great devices that improve the lives of the society. Cell phone provides some services of access to communicate to people in worldwide/in the world. Technology is used by cell phone developer is making rapid advancement. Nowadays, obviously, there will be more and more the people in the society are using cell phone in their lives. In 2012 year, the number of cell phone sold in the worldwide market is estimate more than/around 2 billion units. Every year it is making 12% increase of the previous year. However, are cell phones bringing only positive effects for the users. The answer is no.

What is caused people to use cell phone? When the influence of cell phone in society that make people use cell phone as an object of attachment or obsession. And what is effect of people use cell phone? There are some harmful effects that can occur in using cell phone in user’s life in finance, social aspect, and health. The cause of people to use cell phone is certainly for their attachment. Absolutely, for some people that need of constant communication to people. It is probably necessary. Cell phone is a great device that gives advancement. Business and some occupations in the lives of society will be helped by cell phone.

However, the reason of people use cell phone is not only for attachment, except to be famous person in middle lives of society. Absolutely, for some people in lives society need to be known by people as a celebrity. It is really ironic if they use cell phone just for famous. Cell phone is an invention that expects to facilitate people in live of society. If cell phone is becoming an object of addiction for people that use it. It is really regrettable. People only use cell phone for addiction causes they do not have close friend. As we know that people in the world cannot live individually.

Obviously, people need more attention from other will use their time for something that make them happy. Cell phone probably helps them to give an entertainment. Technology of cell phone provides some convenience that can make people to spend their time in using it. Some people do not get attention and have no benefit activities certainly spend their time for interest activities and cell phone is one of a solution. At first, using cell phone only to make them busy at the moment, but more and more they use technology of cell phone will make them to be addiction. Therefore, people use cell phone is as an object of addiction.

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