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Cause and Effect Essay

When growing up, a child’s lifestyle is mainly influenced by his or her parents. Children are taught such things as manners, responsibilities, and how to tell right from wrong. All of these teachings have a major effect on a person’s life. My mother and the values she taught me at a young age have influenced my decisions and my lifestyle choices. The effect of her lessons on my subsequent character include the creation of a strong work ethic, the understanding of the significant role of education in my life, and a noticeable pride in my appearance.

My mother often stressed that a strong work ethic is essential to career success. I have been involved in team sports since I was in the 4th grade. I started playing basketball, then moved on to soccer, baseball, and eventually football. Out of all of these varied sports, football is the one I most favor and I have stuck with it ever since the first time I played on a team. As I advanced to higher levels of play, the competition quickly became more competitive.

This is due to the fact that by the time I began attending high school, many of the players were lifting weights and working out in order to improve their game. I really don’t enjoy working out so I was rather lazy when it came to improving my playing performance in this respect. My mother recognized this shortfall and subsequently encouraged me to join a gym. During the summer she would take me to the gym so I could work out. It did not take long before I realized I was getting stronger and faster as a direct result of my new exercise regimen.

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I also knew this would be a real asset when playing football. Since then I’ve learned to enjoy working out due to the knowledge that it is aiding my game. Without my mother’s encouragement to develop this ethic in working hard to achieve success, however, I may not have developed this trait myself. A main priority for children growing up on my mother’s side of the family was to obtain a higher education. Consequently, not going on to college was never an option for me. She made me realize that in today’s world, most jobs which provide a substantial income and good benefits require an education.

The difference between the salary of an individual with a college degree as opposed to that of a person without a higher education is huge. Although the requirements to achieving a good education may be tough, in the long run this hard work pays for itself. From the first through the eighth grade, learning was my main priority but once I got into high school it became less of a concern. The main reason for this is because I was an athlete playing football and I mistakenly thought all I needed in order to succeed was to excel in sports.

It was my mother who made me realize I needed something more substantial to fall back on because getting signed by a major league sports team is never guaranteed and such factors as injuries can cause a sports career to end earlier than anticipated. I learned this particular lesson of my mother’s the hard way; ever since I recovered from my last sports-related injury, I have taken the importance of a good education much more seriously. While I was growing up, my mother often said, “I can always tell what type of personality someone has just by what they are wearing”. She taught me I should have pride in my appearance.

My style of clothing can be directly credited to my mother’s influence. To this day she chooses my clothing when she goes shopping based on what would give me a more presentable appearance. Now when I go shopping on my own I often come home with items she claims are much like those she would have picked out for me, also. I would consider my style “urban”. Sneakers and jeans are a main part of my appearance and I also wear fitted caps, which I collect. I can give credit to my mother for this sense of style. She herself is a hat person and had me wearing them since I was a child.

She also taught me when and where is proper to wear one. Through my mother’s influence, I learned to take pride in my appearance. Without my mother and the things she taught me, I am not sure how different a person I would have turned out to be. The effect of her teachings is that they have molded me into a very hardworking, fashion-conscious young man whose focus is on achieving a higher education. I can truly say that she has had the biggest effect on my lifestyle and the decisions I have made. I feel the best way to show my appreciation is to continue making good decisions so I may ultimately succeed in life.

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