Cause and Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect

When I was growing up everything seems to be simple, not having to worry about anything. As adolescents we may think of just having fun and we do not think of the consequences. In reality we as adolescents have a different way of seeing life and think it’s easy to just have a kid. While, being in school I experience seeing some of my classmates having children at a young age and struggling with their life. Sometimes I think young adults or even older people are not mature enough to raise a kid because they want to live their life how they use to. Mostly anything can change in a matter of seconds and I can become a better person. So, my ideas change of having children at a young age. Children required most of our time and we are not able to do the things we would like or use to do. Yes, I can take the child to have fun with me, but there’s certain places like dancing clubs and bars that they are not allowed. For instance I cannot combine my working or studying time with my child. If I had free time before I will no longer have that privacy, because I will not be alone no more.

Kids can sometimes create chaos so, probably I won’t be able to maintain the house as clean as I would like. When having a child I basically have sleepless nights, because the kid may be crying or its time to feed him. I have to spend time with my child, but there may be times when I’m tired and he wants to play at the middle of the night. I can also say that I have to work more and get a stable job for my kid. Since, you know children are expensive and I will have less money to spend if I do not balance my money right. So, I am going to want to do my best at the job to even get a raised to have extra money. It can even be tempting to want to buy everything I see for my kid, but I need to remember that there are other priorities like the bills I need more money for. Other than wanting to spoil the kid I probably want to take him out for fun activities.

Therefore, if I get a stable job I know exactly how much money I have and can spend for my child necessary things he needs like diapers and clothes. My child is going to be my motivation to wake up every morning to go to work and see a smile in his face when I am able to give him everything he deserves. The children can make us more responsible. Accordingly to having kids I think of its wellbeing, so the decisions we take make us think twice because it will impact them.

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