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Catherine’s wedding Essay

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In act two of the play the family has really broken apart. Beatrice and Eddie barely speak and Catherine and Rodolfo have their first argument. They argue because what Eddie said to Catherine about Rodolfo using her for a passport has really made her think, now that she knows one day they will get married, she asks him if he would live with her in Italy instead of in America. He says, “No. I will not marry you to live in Italy.

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” This upsets Catherine, but it infuriates Rodolfo. This part in the passage shows how their relationship is strong, because they make up quickly and she realises he loves her for her not just her papers.

The night that Eddie returns home drunk and orders Rodolfo out his house shows just how jealous Eddie really is. Catherine says how she is leaving as well if he leaves but Eddie says to Rodolfo, “Get outa here. Alone. You hear me? Alone.” Catherine tries to stand up to Eddie, she says how she isn’t a baby anymore, but he cuts her off mid-sentence and grabs her, and kisses her, I think he kissed her because he is drunk and he can’t control his feelings anymore, but then when he gets her reaction he isn’t happy. He thought she might feel the same way but she obviously doesn’t. He realises he shouldn’t have one it.

Then Rodolfo shouts at Eddie to let go of her, Eddie asks if he wants something and Rodolfo bursts out, “Yes! She’ll be my wife. That is what I want. My wife.” Eddie winds up Rodolfo and Rodolfo tries to defend Catherine, he tries to attack Eddie but Eddie is much stronger than him. In attempt to cover up his kiss with Catherine Eddie gets Rodolfo and he, “pins his arms, laughing, and suddenly kisses him.” This is embarrassing for Rodolfo because it shows how weak he is and it’s also embarrassing for Catherine because she has to break them up, proving she is stronger than Rodolfo. This however makes Catherine and Rodolfo’s relationship even stronger because now they are going to get married and Catherine knows Rodolfo will try to defend her in a fight.

Eddie goes to see Alfieri for the second time, he tells him about the kiss and says he did it to try and prove Rodolfo was gay. Alfieri says that there is nothing he can do to help Eddie unless he wants him to call immigration and report the two immigrants. Alfieri gives him a second piece of advice, he says, “Even those who understand you will turn against you, even the ones who feel the same will despise you.” He is warning Eddie not to do anything, not to report Marco and Rodolfo and also not to do anything with Catherine. Leave them both alone.

But Eddie doesn’t listen to Alfieri; he goes to the phone box outside his house, and calls up immigration. When he gets home Rodolfo and Marco have moved out, into a flat upstairs with two new immigrants. Eddie now panics, one of the immigrants is Lipari’s nephew and he has a rough family. The last time someone snitched on immigrants, a boy named Vinny, “they grabbed him in the kitchen and pulled him down the stairs – three flights his head was bouncin’ like a coconut. And they spit on him in the street, his own father and brothers.” Now that Eddie has informed immigration about Marco and Rodolfo he thinks that will happen to him, so he’s nervous people will find out it was him who informed immigration.

Immigration come and search downstairs and upstairs. They find all four of the immigrants upstairs and bring them down. Marco starts shouting at Eddie, “That one! I accuse that one! …He killed my children! The one that stole the food from my children!” the whole neighbourhood is watching and listening, and then everyone turns away and leaves Eddie. The only one left is Beatrice.

Marco and Rodolfo can be put on bail until their court hearing, but Marco has to promise he wont hurt Eddie. Rodolfo will be fine, because he is going to marry Catherine, but Marco will definitely be deported. Marco promises and they both go. Eddie is at home and Beatrice is with him getting ready for Catherine’s wedding. Eddie refuses to let her go, he says that if she goes, she’s not allowed back. Catherine turns and starts shouting at Eddie, “He’s a rat! He belongs in the sewer!”

Rodolfo comes in to warn Eddie about Marco, saying he’s praying in the church, and then he’s coming for Eddie. Eddie refuses to go away, he stays, waiting in the house. Eddie goes to meet Marco outside and produces a knife. He threatens Marco and tells him to apologise or he’ll kill him. Marco shouts at Eddie, “Anima-a-a-l!” Eddie lunges at Marco with the knife, but Marco takes the blade and turns it on Eddie, pushing it into Eddie.

Eddie falls to the floor as Marco looks down on him. It is like the ending of act one in that Marco is standing above Eddie, with a weapon, and Eddie has lost. It was inevitable that he would die because he never knew when to stop. However I don’t think Eddie deserved to die, he was only doing what he thought was correct, he wanted Catherine, and got jealous that someone else could have her, he never meant to hurt anyone, he just wanted to have Catherine to himself and Rodolfo and Marco to go away. Now there is tension between Beatrice and Marco, and Catherine and Marco, but they are not annoyed, because they knew there was nothing else he could have done.

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