Catastrophic Predictions Essay

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Catastrophic Predictions

The most recent predictions were observed on the date December 21, 2012; for which the Mayan calendar ran out. Other prediction statements involved the earth being centered in the middle of the Milky Way and the planets becoming lined in such a manner that would affect the earth’s polarity. There have been a countless amount of catastrophic disaster predictions foretold for many years. Even some famous individuals like Nostradamus have made predictions that caused panic and havoc amongst believers. Incidentally, most predictions are challenged by scientist; to prove that they are truly false statements and can be provide evidence against them. So, why do we want to assume the worst before hearing all the facts?

Catastrophic predictions for December 21, 2012; expressed the concerns that doomsday or Armageddon were at hand. Two of the most popular predictions were the Mayan calendar and the planetary alignment. Between the two predictions several individuals have derived a conclusion; that on a certain date changes in our earth’s astrological makeup will be involved in changing our lives. Now, does that mean the end of time as we know it or just an event which occurs in cycles? In the course of scientific evaluations; each element has been logically examined to provide answers to contradict the beliefs that these predictions will be the end of times.

Scientists and historians working together can explain the prediction of the ancient calendar of the Mayans. The Mayan calendar is about to end its cycle and the new beginning arrives on December 21, 2012. Doomsday believers feel that the Mayan’s stone calendar is the real thing this time. These believers feel that the government is withholding the truth. In fact, the Mayan calendar differs from our current system that we use today. Our calendar holds only twelve months per cycle year. The Mayan calendar is often referred to as the Calendar Round. “The Calendar Round covers a time period equal to 52 solar years or 73 ritual years.

The time is significant because in every Calendar Round all the possible combinations of haab and tzolkin cycles will have been experienced and they will re-synchronize at the same starting point (Bellenir, 2004).” Scientific explanations for this prediction of the end of days show that it has been misunderstood by many individuals. Basically, the haab cycle consist of eighteen months of twenty days per month and an additional five days at the end of the cycle (Lewin , 2011). Each day in the haab months is given a name from the tzolkin list. It is similar to our list of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The exception is that the zolkin list has unique names for each one of the twenty days.

Evidence dated during a prior Mayan calendar ending cycle has been found. The theory of climate change could be observed in the discovery. Scientists are researching what seems to be a plant that once lived during a previous Mayan calendar cycle. “5,200-year-old plants flash frozen. Millennia ago when the last great calendar cycle of the Mayan came to an end, rapid climate change shook up the world and devastated habitats (PR Newswire Association LLC, 2009).” Could there be other evidence that has yet to be found to show what happens during that cycle? Certainly, there will need to be more studies done, but until then, individuals will express their own beliefs and opinions regarding the predictions using the Mayan Calendar.

“The planetary alignment with Earth suddenly at the center of the Milky Way in 2012 — causing untold destruction as the earth’s crust ruptures, seas swamp our coastlines, volcanoes erupt and continental fault lines shatter (Machosky, 2009).” Can planetary alignment really cause the Earth’s magnetic poles to reverse and cause havoc across the planet? Disasters that maybe experienced from such an alignment could result from environmental changes. Followers of this prediction feel that we are already experiencing effects with the Earth’s weather elements and the earthquakes felt around the planet. The polar ice cap is still melting at a slow rate. Could this cause the water level to rise in areas if the poles reverse? Scientists and meteorologists feel that this prediction has will not cause any catastrophic disaster for us.

The equinoxes (and solstices) has caused concerns and is often misunderstood when this cycle event happens. “The Sun is not a pinpoint object and takes some time to cross the galactic equator; they coincide once a year for several years (Stuart, 2011).” Winter solstice was observed on December 21, 2012; which is when the Sun has reached its furthest southern point and starts heading a northerly direction. “A few days before and after the winter solstice, the change is so slight that the Sun’s path seems to stay the same, or stand still (Yankee Publishing, Inc., 2012).” Does this mean it is a sign of a catastrophic event? No, this happens all the time and our Earth has no drastic affect. Individuals can often seek more reliable proof through specialist.

Even the best scholars and scientists will often bump heads during their investigation period of a prediction. The difference between the two groups of specialists is the way they use the “results base factor”. Scholars will derive their material from proven result factors; along with any theory that is applicable. Scientists mainly need to have actual facts for a proven base result. Both will probe at the task, until satisfied in their findings. It would be hard to keep any catastrophic disaster a secret. Why would they? They have just as much to lose as everyone else if the Earth was going to be in harm’s way.

If we take a look back at some of the famous writings of Nostradamus and his prediction materials we would find encoded messages; which have been studied by other scholars even today. “Nostradamus’s deeply arcane approach; including obscure astrological methods and the use of an esoteric code known as the “Green Language” (Abbott, Gold, & Rotella, 2000).” Nostradamus did not make it easy to read his predictions and for many years individuals have tried to break the code. His followers believe that much of Nostradamus’s predictions have already happened and that he was gifted with the sight of true predictions. Furthermore, the slightest misdirection or code breaking could result in a false statement predicting that the end is near.

Who should we believe when it comes to the facts that a catastrophic disaster is coming our way? Many movies have been created with different outcomes of a catastrophic disaster. Each film is pointing the finger; that we are not prepared enough. The government is in control on the way things will be handled during a catastrophic disaster, even in the moves. We can feel confident that our government would inform us that the world was in danger. They would even have a plan set in place just for such an event. Many individuals have even started their own game plan for action during doomsday.

Preparing for any expecting disaster is often taken seriously by individuals believing that the predictions are about to come true. Some believers handle it in different ways; for example: they might have planned to attend a celebration party. Others may celebrate the passing event in private settings. If this sounds familiar, it should because that is what they did on the Millennium (2000). A brief reminder of that prediction was that computers were not going to work. Which turned out to be just a small programming issue and computers still work today. Many bank account customers rushed to withdrew funds; in fear that their money would be lost. What are we afraid of? Is it the not knowing what? Or could it be the not knowing when a disaster will occur that has many getting ready ahead of time?

Those individuals who believe in the disaster will shift into a survival mode. Survival supplies are stockpiled for the long duration of the event. The amount of supplies depends on the individual’s needs and type of disaster being observed. Water is one of the major items on the list; both for drinking and cleaning needs. Using special care not to store plastic bottles of water in direct sunlight; for research is still pending on the harm from toxicants produced during prolonged sun exposures (Rogers, 2012). Food and medical supplies are another demand on a stockpile list for survival of a disaster. Having a list ahead of time can help keeping track of the inventory. In addition, individuals may take it even future by seeking out a place to hold out until the disaster is over.

Underground shelters have been designed and are in place for safety measures; at a high purchase price. Believers in the catastrophic prediction will gladly spend money on solid, reinforced, deep underground shelters; designed to withstand most disasters. These shelters are equipped with electrical power or self-contained with solar power. The price range depends on the size verse the structure. “Diameters of 8′, 9′, 10′, 11′ 12′ x 20′ to 50′ lengths are available on custom orders. Prices start at $49,900 (Atlas Survival Shelters, 2012).” This example is for the shelter itself; the property cost is additional. Shelter manufacturers have different floor plans to choose from, remember the buyer could be living in it for a long time. It depends on what you believe in; there is another type of believer and they will reach for the heavens in time of need.

Religious communities will often come together to make peace. In times of despair many churches will have gatherings for prayer so members can join together with each other. Past religious cults even had predictions that their group called “Heaven’s Gate” of 1997 was to meet with a spaceship. That prediction cost thirty nine individuals their lives. Of course, no spaceship ever arrived for them.The news media was quick to report this sad event; massive suicides are common when misadvised individuals want to believe what someone tells them.

Once the danger passes the due date; how do we react finding it was indeed another false statement? Some individuals start to unpack their underground shelter and others may keep it ready for the next prediction. While others just feel like it is another day; glad that they disbelieved in the predictions. Everyone has a choice to believe or disbelieve in the predictions. We should be able to give more thought into the research results of specialists; for indeed there are more explanations in favor of nothing going to happen. Another perfect example has passed by on “December 21, 2012” for the outcome has been proven that in view of the scientific spectrum no evidence occurred that put us in danger of existence. Future false statements will be tested each time by professionals and facts will be shared openly to us all. Giving us a safe and secure feeling to continue our daily lives; until next time.

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