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Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

The three types of Assistance from the lists that I believe that will benefit the organization profiled in Appendix A the most is:

1. Civil Rights and Privacy Rule Compliance Activities (http://www.hhsgov/ocr)

2. Intergovernmental Personal Act (IPA) Mobility Program (

3. Labor Mediation and Conciliation (

The one program that I feel that is the most valuable to the organization from Appendix A is Civil Rights and Privacy Rule Compliance Activities. The programs objectives are that the Office of Civil Rights in the Department of Health and Human Services ensures that the people have equal opportunities to participate in these services without any unlawful discrimination and to make sure that their health information is protected and to ensure that any electronic health information is safe.

The eligibility requirements consist of anyone who believes that he or she has been discriminated against in some type of manner above or seek information concerning civil rights, and any recipients of Federal financial assistance who desire technical assistance and information assuring that their compliance with nondiscrimination laws.

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The type of assistance types are Advisory Services and Counseling, and Investigation of Complaints. The dollar range is not applicable. The average amount of assistance awarded (Salaries) FY 11 $40,699,293; FY 12 est $40,938,000; and FY 13 est $38,966,000. How this program is utilized by the organization profiled in Appendix A is that it is there to help the needs of the residents to provide counseling when needed and provide care for those who are medically indigent. Also to help the residents who are below the poverty level.

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This organization will bring a big impact to the needs of these residents.

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