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Castration Issue

Sexual assault and child molestation are a constant emergent problem in the United States today, the bigger issue is the fact that the pedophiles are being released from prison early due to overcrowding of the prison system. One such famous pedophile is David Wayne Jones, who was convicted of several different charges involving child molestation against more than 40 boys. Mr. Jones, who served only 15 years due toa plea agreement for those charges, underwent voluntary physical castration in lieu of hemical castration (Schmalleger, 2009).

He was previously on medicine that was for chemical castration, or testosterone blocking medicine. This opens up the discussion for castration and if it is a viable option for sexual predators. Castration is best described as removing the reproductive organs of an individual to prevent virility Oennett & Blakemore, 2012). While in the past castration was only in the physical for, in todays society there are two types of castration, chemical and physical.

Both hysical castration and chemical castration have the prospective to decrease the recidivism rates of sex offenders by lowering testosterone hormone levels, weaken sexual impulses, and making erotic urges more manageable if the sexual urges are encouraged by amplified testosterone hormone levels.

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Chemical castration is intended to be less invasive and a temporary fix, while physical castration is permanent. In relation to sexual predators, some see castration as an easy answer to an appalling and intricate problem.

Given that the current penitentiary systems does not seem to be successfully functioning to decrease the rates of recidivism. It is even failing to be a deterrent to future sexual offenders.

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As with castration is supposed to lower the different hormones that are needed to become aroused, it is not always 100 percent. I believe that there are some cases where the Judge should have the option of surgical or chemical castration. I strongly believe that surgical and chemical castration should not be an option for first time offenders.

If the Judge sentenced castration on a first time offender, how would that give the offender possibilities of rehabilitation. The statics show that majority of all sex offenders was once a victim of the same crime. While this does not mean let the offender get away with a crime because of their history, it basically means give the offender a chance to go through therapy. Also, I believe that all first time sex offenders should be mandated to take a psychiatric evaluation. This evaluation would distinguish a mental illness from a sick ndividual.

As for second time offenders, I believe this should most definitely be an option for a Judge. After the first offense and having the resources of rehabilitation, the offender should have learned a lesson. Obviously, if it is a second offense, that shows the offender may not be able to control themselves or not care about the harm he is doing to others or the consequences of his actions. If the second time offender is sentenced to castration, I believe this offender should be eligible for early parole or early release.

For the third time offenders, I believe there should be Justice served for this individual. A third time sex offender should be mandated to chemical and surgical castration when at their sentencing hearing. An offender who commits the Instead using castration as a method to release sex offenders because of the problem of overcrowding of the prison system; castration should be used as a punishment. If the prison system wants to reduce any offenders sentence due to overcrowding, it should be those offenders that have committed a non-sexual abuse offense.

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