Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan Essay

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Castle’s Family Restaurant Business Plan

Castle’s Family Restaurant is a medium sized business of approximately 300-340 employees with eight restaurants in the Northern California that is currently facing issues related to HR administration. Jay Morgan, the HR manager has to travel weekly to each restaurant location in order to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering employees’ questions. His biggest issue, however, is related to Payroll Administration since Jay Morgan is currently using an Excel spreadsheet with a computer application to print payroll checks manually instead of using automated HRIS software to assist on payroll activities to all employees.

In fact, Jay Morgan needs to implement a HRIS Payroll software system to manage payroll information in order to provide fast, accurate and efficient payroll services to all restaurant employees while staying in compliance with industry regulations. HRIS Payroll type of software will definitely provide more accurate and efficient results to what concerns to calculation of employee’s rates differentiation for full and part time employees, hours worked and missing hours, taxes deduction, etc.

A efficient payroll software will also automate all these functions that will be easily be managed from anywhere, which means that Jay Morgan will no longer have to travel to all restaurant location to take care of employee’s payroll related issues or inquiries. He also will not have to use an Excel spreadsheet and a computer application to print payroll checks because he can now offer direct deposit option, so employees can have the convenience of having their paychecks automatically deposited into their checking accounts at their payday. The use of HRIS Payroll type of software to be implemented will definitely make a significant difference on HRIS management of Castle’s Family Restaurants. HRIS VENDOR CHOICE

A variety of payroll vendors is available in the market to assist Jay Morgan to better manage all restaurants employees’ payrolls. This assessment however has the purpose to compare two vendors and indicate the most suitable for Castle’s Family Restaurant.

1) Payroll Cafe is a software package designed for all company sizes and a variety of industries that provides automated payroll tools to take care of employees’ payrolls, direct deposits, taxes deductions, etc. “Payroll Cafe Software is a Windows software package that includes a relational database backend to maximize single data entry which applies in multi-state, multi-location, and multi-department corporations.” (Payroll Cafe)

In fact, Payroll Cafe Software offers efficiency and accuracy with their easy to use package, with technical support and development of a Certified Payroll Professional. (Payroll Cafe) Castle’s Family Restaurant can purchase the Payroll Café-Restaurant version, which is the software specific for restaurants, which includes in/out tips calculations, etc. More details for Payroll Cafe can be seen on link below:

2) Paycom is another payroll vendor that offers web-based payroll services to manage employee data and process payroll quickly and accurately. Paycom software processes payroll, runs reports and accesses data regarding to employees Payroll, Time and Attendance, HR, Background Checks, Benefit Administration and COBRA Compliance. Paycom also supports storage of all payroll and HR information in a single database that offers more comprehensive reporting options with consistent data. (Paycom) More details for Paycom can be seen on link below:

Although both software vendors can be very beneficial to Castle’s Family Restaurant’s payroll administration, as HR consulting firm we suggest the implementation of “Paycom” opposed to “Payroll Café” because Paycom offers more payroll features than Payroll Cafe and Paycom is also a payroll software specifically developed for restaurant needs and provides all tools necessary to processes all restaurant-related payroll functions. Payroll Café also offers a version of this software specific for restaurants, but it is not as complete as the one offered by Paycom.

Paycom offers a variety of services with online convenience, which means that Jay Morgan will no longer have to travel to each location weekly to take care of scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions for employees. Paycom offers free training at client’s location and 24/7 live agent assistance to assist Jay Morgan with any inquiry he may have regarding to payroll taxes, time and attendance, garnishments, or a general software question. Payroll Café does not offer training or 24/7 assistance- only regular business hours assistance regarding to software use, which is a downfall since Jay Morgan might need assistance after hours or weekends as well.

Both vendors offer good and affordable pricing, but Paycom also has the convenience of “pay as you go” without upfront software costs or annual costs increase, which is not offered by Payroll Café. In fact, Paycom is definitely the best choice of HRIS vendor for Castle’s Family Restaurant since it will create a more efficient process for payroll issues and will also assist Jay Morgan with data management for all 300-340 employees, running payroll from anywhere and tracking employee information, such as Liquor Licenses, Permits, Training, I-9 filings, Workers’ Comp injuries, OSHA, FMLA, EEO information, disciplinary actions, turnover reasons, etc, which is not offered by Payroll Café. (Restaurant Payroll Services)

Jay Morgan will no longer have to use an Excel spreadsheet and a computer application to print payroll checks because Paycom will automate all these processes, along with the option for direct deposit, so employees can have their paychecks automatically deposited into their checking accounts at payday. Paycom software will also integrate payroll with POS system, receive free new hire reporting, manage garnishments, comply with minimum wage, and claim tax credits with Paycom’s FICA Tax Tip Credit Report. In addition, earnings and deductions can be customized to the unique needs of restaurant, tips as In/Out earnings can be easily managed and Paycom’s Standard Reports can help Jay Morgan to manage turnover, overtime, labor distribution, and workers’ compensation. (Restaurant Payroll Services)

The variety of easy to use functions and features offered by Paycom makes a great difference when compared to Payroll Café which offers accurate, efficient, but limited restaurant related features. As such, Paycom is a more complete software package and its implementation will eliminate previous payroll issues. Paycom can be easily managed from Jay Morgan’s office with the efficiency and variety of automated features offered by this HRIS software. REFERENCES:

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