Castle Essay Topics

English Castle

Castles are fortifications made to protect resources and lives as well. It is also the main structure of defense. Walls made of large well-defined heavy stones that are stacked to perfection. The castle has a stable, storehouse, bakeries, kitchens, cottages and quarters for soldiers. Usually a city a situated in a castle where a city… View Article

Kafka’s The Castle

Franz Kafka’s novel, The Castle, is filled with frustration and a sense of being lost outside this castle with no way in and no way to be heard in sight. The main character in the book isn’t even known by a name, but just the initial K. His feelings of inadequacy and disaffection from the… View Article

Ballista Physics

This experiment is to determine what projectile for a Ballista will travel the furthest, to do this two variables will be changed through the duration of the testing period. These variables are: the angle and the different materials the projectile is made of. The three different materials being used for the projectiles are a pencil,… View Article