Cassie Essay Topics

The Son’s Veto

Compare aspects of prejudice in “Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry”, by Mildred Taylor, and, “The Son’s Veto”, by Thomas Hardy. Prejudice: The act of prejudging a subject or group of subjects on the basis of opinions that are not grounded in fact or experience. Prejudice can be on the basis of race, religion, political… View Article

Cassie & Diary

It was still dark when Big Ma woke me up. I looked up at the clock it was 3:30. I remembered it was the market day today. She said she was taking Stacey and me to the market in Strawberry. We got into the wagon at the back. Suddenly we saw TJ hop in the… View Article

Characters in your answer

  Nearer the end of the book, he deals with another situation he faces in a very childish, careless manner, showing that he just wants it over with as soon as possible, and that he doesn’t really care about what is happening, just about himself and his reputation. TJ is about to be hung on… View Article