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Caso Camry

1) There are three types of reference group influence – informational, normative, and identification. Assuming Bianca is a representative for the group consisting of successful, urban, professional African American women, which type(s) of group influence do you see operating in this campaign?

Informational influence is a potential since a member of the target group is implicitly saying, “You are like me and I like this car, so you will too”. Normative influence is not really being utilized in this campaign. There is no threat of punishment or promise of a reward by the group for compliance (buying the Camry) Identification influence is likely the strongest influence being utilized.

The goal here is to have the target market identify and internalize group values and beliefs and then act on them. The implicit belief is that Camry is part of an active, adventurous, urban lifestyle. Notice the strategy of showing a member of the target group using the automobile which is consistent with an identification influence strategy

2) What are the primary core American values that this campaign is attempting to tap into Active (rather than passive) – the excitement and adventure aspect of the espionage theme, along with the “on-the-go” professional woman. Change – this campaign is based on the reality of existing females and African-American professionals as role models, not stereotypes. Individual – this campaign revolves around Bianca and her individual accomplishments. Diversity – this campaign is reaching out to African American professional women and indicating their desire to be their car of choice. Youth – this campaign is clearly targeting a youth audience – Bianca is a young urban professional. 3) What values and aspirations does this campaign tap into relating to the sub-groups of professional women and professional African American women?

This campaign taps into both professional women and African American women – values and aspirations relating to modern gender roles and upward mobility and status for women and blacks and so on.

4) In Chapter 5, we describe 11 African American market segments identified by Yankelovich. Which group or groups do you think the target market of professional African American women best represents? Explain. Answers will vary here and there is no perfect match. The closest would be the female members of the Black Onliners followed by the female members of the New Middle Class.

Black Onliners come close in that they fit the age and income demographics and are tech savvy and brand conscious, which fits the description of the target professional African American women, and fits the featured aspects of the car and the Interactive nature of the campaign. While this group trends male, the female members of this group could be targeted. This group is described in the text as follows: Black Onliners (7 percent) – Younger (18-34), male, middle/upper income, brand conscious, place strongest importance on being around people of own ethnicity, most stressed about work, family, academics, and straddling black and white worlds, heaviest users of such technology as blogs and IM.

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