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Do addictions really exist? People constantly seem to say that they are addicted to nicotine, alcohol and drugs, but there are continuous debates whether this is just a necessity or a general want.

Most people start using these substances out of depression as they convince themselves that it will make them feel better about themselves and the difficult life their living. However, others begin with these substances due to social surroundings as they feel the need to fit in around the harsh public. This then turns into a habit.

There are 3 main types of addictions; psychological, mental and physical. Every case has a different type of addiction and some are overly exaggerated. After doing some research on addictions, I found that the term “addictions” has been proven to exist by many different scientists on quite a few websites. However I believe it does exist but more over it depends on the way each human beings mind works as some people have greater insecurities than others which cause them to feel the need to take such substances and over use them while others are mentally strong and take these substances once in a way for entertainment.

Once you start experimenting with your bodies system and allowing these chemicals in, you should be strong in your mind to stop whenever but if you’re weak and allow your mind to take over, this will become an addiction. As proven by science, physical addictions exist. This has been mentioned by scientists on treatment websites, as many addicts have tried to stay clean for days and they experience “withdrawal symptoms” which means; “the person has developed a physical dependence.”

Sometimes addicts give up as they find the withdrawal period harder than anything and feel the need to start the usage of drugs again. According to the National Institute of Health; “the addict’s whole life revolves around the drug whether they are harming themselves severely or not”. (

There are certain drugs which can be physically addicting to certain human beings; this is has been proven as an addiction to some degree. But can some drugs and alcohol can be serious addictions? It is always in the mind of the one using these substances as they are mentally insecure and dependable human minds.

In the case of ciggerets it is the nicotine in cigarettes causes the addiction. Nowadays the percentage of smokers have increased, people have found more reasons to continue smoking, allowing it to become a mental addiction. People may think it helps them focus or fills them up as this is what they want to believe. However, people who say nicotine is a necessity have it in their minds and cause their body to go through this mind set addiction, due to insecurities or depression. Nicotine brings a general sense of fulfillment to these said to be “addicts”. Smokers need to have the will power to let go of nicotine. Due to the weak mentality of human beings, it has been proven that the majority death toll is due to the tobacco in the nicotine.

According to the National Institute of Health; “Tobacco use killed approximately 100 million people during the 20th century and, if current smoking trends continue, the cumulative death toll for this century has been projected to reach 1 billion.” ( On the other hand, alcohol damages the brain and the way in which the stimulants in the brain work. Many people end up in rehab as they are “alcoholics”, but then again do those exist? To me alcoholics are just like “nicotine addicts” it is set in their minds as it brings a sense of joy and serenity. Many sorts of psychological issues cause this. Some people tend to push themselves to drink every day, as they feel the need for it due to weak minds as they have no control over their actions and give up on themselves, some with no reason at all.

Alcoholics think they physically need the alcohol in their systems but truly they are just mentally addicted to it as they lose control over their lifestyle. There are way too many different types of drugs; each one has a different effect but not all of them become physical or mental addictions. Marijuana is a drug and said to be herbal, however it does affect the way in which your mind works and reacts to certain situations, but not for long. It could never be an addiction to any human being, well that’s how I would see it as it is just a different way of enjoyment for certain people. But this wouldn’t be a necessity to anybody and if the person calls themselves an addict to this drug it proves that the person cannot accept their life and feels the need for something which cannot be a true addiction. This would be a psychological problem rather than addiction. Then again, drugs such as; heroin, cocaine, prescription medications and chemicals, like LSD, MDMA, Ecstasy, etc. are psychologically addictive and can cause serious damages to the body and brain if over used.

Many people find it very easy to fall into an addiction with such drugs as their body becomes weak and they feel emotionally attached to these chemicals as they highly affect the stimulants in your brain. They feel a sense of relaxation which they appreciate and then think they need. When these drugs are excessively used they cause hallucinations which affect the human brain to see what is real and what isn’t, people who are physically addicted to such drugs lose sense in what reality truly is and do not realize that they aren’t sober nor in their senses. I believe this is a true addiction which builds up in fragile minds.

There have been many people who have recently started to abuse prescription medications without any illnesses. The national institute of health posted that these medications can be addictive as well as poisonous, “This has been proven to not only be addictive but also lethal. Commonly abused classes of prescription drugs include painkillers, sedatives, and stimulants.” The certain stimulants in the brains of such people cause them to carry on taking these chemicals into their system; this is more of a psychological addiction which soon leads to a mental addiction. (

In conclusion, I find that addictions do exist to an extent. People, who find themselves in the trap of requiring such substances, should try gaining inner self confidence and face reality rather than depend on drugs, alcohol or nicotine to help them through life. However heavy drugs such as heroin, pharmaceuticals, cocaine and chemicals, when used excessively can cause physical addictions, while alcohol and nicotine are moreover mental and psychological addictions in certain cases and for some people these are just socially used and aren’t said to be addictions at all as they can face reality with or without them.

National Institute Of Health. National Institute On Drug Abuse. What are some effects of specific abused substances? Retrieved November 16th, 2011, from Advanced Pain Treatment & Diagnostics Group. Are you tired? Tired of the shame, tired of hiding? Retrieved November 16th, 2011, from

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