Cash flow Essay Topics

Factors Affecting Trade Discount and Interest Rates

Cash flow must be monitored and improved in order for a business to survive, and even maximize its profit. It is a must that considerations for this kind of maintenance be studied in order to understand the structure of the business and how it is affected by external and internal factors. Banks, for example, are… View Article

Bullok Gold Mining Case

Seth Bullock, the owner of Bullock Gold Mining, is evaluating a new gold mine in South Dakota. Dan Dority, the company’s geologist, has just finished his analysis of the mine site. He has estimated that the mine would be productive for eight years, after which the gold would be completely mined. Dan had taken an… View Article

Cash Flow Analysis

1. Who are the stakeholders in this situation? Describe and explain. The ten stockholders would be their stakeholders. The stakeholders are a group but without its support the organization would cease to exist. And they wanted to ensure that their stockholders received their dividends, to keep their interest in the company. 2. Was there anything… View Article

Worldwide Paper Company

1.What are the yearly cash flows that are relevant for this investment decision? Do not forget the effect of taxes and the initial investment amount. (Submit an excel spreadsheet into D2L containing your computations.) Worldwide Paper Company (WPC) has an opportunity to take on a new project. With this project they would be considering an… View Article

Goldman Sachs Case

Report Format I.Statement of the Problem II.Alternative Solutions III.Analysis of Alternative IV.Final Recommendations V.Appendix I.Statement of the Problem If the firm remains a partnership could the firm continue to compete on an equal footing with its competitors, would they be able to retain key employees? How would tangible as well as intangible assets be valued… View Article

Efficient Market

Q1. Efficient market is one in which stock prices fully reflect the information of a company, either positive or negative. If the information from a company is positive, investor will give a good response and the price of shares of this company will increase. Since the information is reflected in price at once, normal rate… View Article

Haefren Baum

Marketing analysis: Haefren Baum sells high quality home furniture, which is manufactured by German company, Wiegandt GmbH Cologne. The demand for high-end furniture is cyclical and influenced by consumer confidence and the overall economy. They have been incorporated since 1970, therefore they do have a reputation and brand image already built. They have been a… View Article

Capital Budgeting Case

Your company is thinking about acquiring another corporation. You have two choices—the cost of each choice is $250,000. You cannot spend more than that, so acquiring both corporations is not an option. The following are your critical data: Corporation A Revenues = $100,000 in year one, increasing by 10% each year Expenses = $20,000 in… View Article

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and New Stadium

Tottenham Hotspurs, Plc. This certain case has many different possibilities for evaluation which gives it much complexity and much liberty while evaluating it. The soccer business sure has a certain relation with the performance and their revenues which makes it highly unstable when speaking of forecasted income of the club. We must first value the… View Article

Background Caledonia Products

c. Why should Caledonia focus on project free cash flows as opposed to the accounting profits earned by the project when analyzing whether to undertake the project? Free cash flows are being focused on because it the amount that Caledonia will receive and they will be able to reinvest that amount. Caledonia should analyze the… View Article

Related Literature to the Cash Flow Management

The role of cash flow information in discriminating between bankrupt and non-bankrupt companies remains a contentious issue. In a number of literature reviews on bankruptcy prediction (e. g. Zavgren, 1983; Jones, 1987; Neill et al. 1991; Watson, 1996) the common view is that cash flow information does not contain significant incremental information content over accrual… View Article

Business Plan Marketing

Starting a new/ successful business can be one of the hardest things that a person can do in their life. The business can come second to nothing in life , not even your family. This is often where people make the mistake and get in to deep. Planning is just the beginning but is the… View Article

Final Project AAT

1.TERMS OF REFERENCE 1.1 The report has been prepared to cover the requirements of the AAT Unit “Internal Control and Accounting Systems”. 1.2 The objectives of the report are to analyse the accounting function at Inkwell Ltd and to identify any weaknesses, so that recommendations for the implementation of a new and improved system can… View Article

Capital Budgeting Case

In the two capital budgeting cases corporations (A and B) have different revenues values and expenses as well as variable depreciation expenses, tax rates and discount rates. The members of our team had to compute both corporate cases NVP, IRR, PI, Payback Period, DPP, and project a 5-year income statement and cash flow in a… View Article

Statement of Cash Flow

The importance of cash the cash flow statement help businesses and creditors understand how liquid a company is. Team A discussed some important factors about the statement of cash flow. The purpose of the statement of cash flow and how it is used in accounting is explained. The direct and indirect method of preparing a… View Article

Worldwide Paper Case

Blue Ridge Mill currently purchases shortwood from a nearby competing mill for pulp production. Bob Prescott, the controller for Blue Ridge Mill, is considering the addition of a new on-site longwood woodyard. The new woodyard would have two main benefits including the ability to eliminate the need to buy shortwood from an outside source and… View Article

Suggested Questions for Arcadian Microarray

Prepare to explain the implications of case Exhibit 1 (Paige Simon’s first task). Based on that exhibit, is terminal value a material component of firm values? Drawing on case Exhibit 4 and your own general knowledge, where would the various estimators be appropriate? Where would they be inappropriate? (Simon’s second task) Regarding the cash flow… View Article

Working Capital Simulation: Managing Growth Assignment

Sunflower Nutraceutical (SNC) is a distributor in the Miami, Florida area is a privately owned company. Sunflower Nutraceutical is a business that started as a direct –to-consumer distributor and retailer in products related to supplements that include vitamins, minerals and herbs for women, and all ages. This company has successfully and ambitiously expanded their business… View Article

Euroland food

In early January 2001, the senior-management committee of Euroland Foods was to meet to draw up the firm’s capital budget for the new year. Up for consideration were 11 major projects that totaled more than €316 million. Unfortunately, the board of directors had imposed a spending limit on capital projects of only €120 million; even… View Article

Cost benefit analysis CanGo

VIA Consulting has been hired in CanGo’s behalf to assist its management group in the decision making of the implementation of the new operating ASRS system, and we came out with the following financial information and data. CanGo started operating as a small company in 2006. In 2008 the company reported a net profit of… View Article

Appendix B: Financial analysis

Financial analysis is the mean to clarify most important factors that affected Costco performance and resulted in companies’ success. In order to reach that goal, we studied financial performance of Costco for 2008 to 2012. These data obtained from different sources such as Costco annual reports and other respectable financial sources. At some levels comparison… View Article

Case Study Importance of Accounting Standards

The importance of accounting standards A PricewaterhouseCoopers Case Study Introduction PricewaterhouseCoopers was created in July 1998 by the merger of two firms – Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand – each with historical roots going back some 150 years and originating in London. PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world’s largest professional services organization, helps its clients build value,… View Article

Victoria Chemicals: Case study

Victoria Chemicals: Case study Introduction Victoria Chemicals is a major competitor in the worldwide chemical industry. They are a leading producer of polypropylene, which is a polymer used in products such as medical products and automobile components. Victoria Chemicals started up in 1967 when they built two plants, one in Merseyside, England and one in… View Article

When Key Employees Clash

Though the issue looked like personal conflicts on the face, it actually stems from the friction between two departments fundamentally different in their working methods and thought processes. The fact that the two managers, Ellen and Ronnie, with different working styles leading these two departments has only compounded the problem. Ellen’s complaint was that Ronnie’s… View Article

Wiley Plus

1. Transactions for Mehta Company for the month of May are presented below. Prepare journal entries for each of these transactions. 2. On July 1, 2012, Crowe Co. pays $19,628 to Zubin Insurance Co. for a 3-year insurance contract. Both companies have fiscal years ending December 31. For Crowe Co. journalize the entry on July… View Article

Memorandum-Statement of Cash Flows

Memorandum To:Stockholders of Carpino Company CC:Ms. Lydia Money, Chief Executive Officer From:W. E. Count, Financial Analyst Date:10/5/13 Re:Corporate Financial Position/Statement of Cash Flows I have been charged to examine the Financial Statements of Carpino Company for the purpose of providing an objective opinion regarding organizational capacity to generate sufficient cash to continue as a going… View Article

Capital Budgeting

On this paper the reader will be able to find the rationale in the analysis of a specific capital budgeting case study. Definitions along with explanations related to capital budgeting such as Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and Net Present Value (NPV) will be provided and debriefed. It is extremely relevant to mention that capital… View Article

AO2/A03 How Steve Brankin manages people, finances and resources with in Asidua

AO2/A03 How Steve Brankin manages people, finances and resources with in Asidua In Asidua the management of people, finances and resources under Steve are central to business success. He undertakes this huge managerial task in a number of ways. Interviewing Steve gave me a great insight into these methods. Managing People Recruitment, Retention and Training… View Article

Ariel case study

Case analysis: Statement of problem: 1. First of all Martin have to find out if the company should improve the equipment. 2. If they decide to improve, then, which currency should they make the purchase in? 3. How can they calculate what their expected rate of return at the most certainty? Analysis: The general question… View Article