There are several reasons why Cash Budget is so vital to the company. The purpose of statement of cash flow is to report cash receipts and cash payouts during a period. This includes separately identifying the cash flows related to operating, investing and financing activities.

Information in this statement helps users how to obtain its cash, where does a company spend its cash and explains the change in the cash balance. Information about cash flow helps users decide whether a company has enough cash to pay its existing debts as they mature.

External users want to assess a company’s ability to take advantage of new business opportunities. Internal users use cash flow to plan day-to-day operating activities and make long-term investment decisions.

There are five basic principles of cash management that a company can flow in order to improve its chances of having adequate cash. They are:

  1. Increase of receivable of collections. The more customers pay the more quickly company can use their funds to run the business or invest.

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  2. Keep inventory levels low. Inventory is costly to keep and storage in warehouses. Company needs to use techniques to reduce the inventory on hand thus conserving their cash.
  3. Monitor payment of liabilities.Company needs to keep track of bills due and do not pay them early as well. The company needs also to take a discount on earlier pay bill and save some money.
  4. Plan the timing of major expenditures. To make business grow company needs to make major expenditures.

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    This procedure often requires help form outside investing. The company has to carefully consider the timing in operating cycle.

  5. Invest idle cash. Cash on hands earns nothing. It’s important that company invests any excess cash.

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