Casey Anthony Crime Case

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As seen on national television in 2011, Casey Anthony, well known for her trial that hooked the whole world, pleaded not-guilty in July of 2011 for the murder of her two year old daughter. Reported missing on July 15th 2008, Caylee Anthony was found and pronounced dead on December 11th 2008. Majority of the world would disagree with Casey Anthony pleading, and becoming not-guilty, while a few on the other hand would agree.

On July 15th Caylee was reported missing by her grandmother Cindy. When Caylee was reported missing it was said that she had already been missing for 31 days.

Cindy said that Casey’s car smelled like “a dead body had been inside it.” Cindy said when she brought up not seeing Caylee in a while Casey had numerous explanations as to Caylee's “whereabouts” until finally admitting that she had not seen Caylee in weeks (that was when the report was made by concerned, Cindy.) Not only did Casey not even report her own daughter missing, it took extensive questioning from family until Casey told family that Caylee was in fact missing, What kind of caring mother would hide the fact that there child is and has been for some time, missing?

Casey also showed no emotion during her trials, or while investigating, or being interviewed.

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She was caught in numerous lies with police investigators, and never helped/wanted to help, or even seemed concerned with investigators during the search. That is suspicious behavior of someone who clearly already knew the fate of Caylee.

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On top of acting uninterested by the search, investigators found that chloroform and neck breaking were both found on Casey's computer history. Large amounts of Chloroform were found in Casey's car. Chloroform vapors can be deadly causing respiratory or cardiac arrest. Minor symptoms it can cause are fatigue, dizziness and headache. This is not coincidental, the obvious evidence is right in front of the world, but how is this woman found not-guilty?

Although some people believe that Casey is in fact not guilty because she had several much more reasonable and less drastic alternatives that would have kept her from getting in so much trouble, and believe that the findings were coincidental. In conclusion weather or not Casey Anthony murdered her daughter or not she is and will forever be pronounced not-guilty of her child's murder. But would you let her babysit your child?

Updated: Jan 30, 2023
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