Case Study Walgreens Essay

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Case Study Walgreens

1. What planning objectives and goals can you identify in CEO Gregory Wasson’s plans to revitalize Walgreens?

Looking at the section “A New Chapter” they touched on how Wasson was spinning off its PBM to Catalyst Health solutions Inc. and how Wasson was keen to deliver customers whatever they want from Walgreens even if it mean making a very public sale of there PBM and rubbing it CVS’s face. Showing the company and world just how eager Wasson really was, he moved into developing, introducing, and launching what is now know as the Walgreens application for the iOS and Android platforms. In this application it has been formatted with multiple features. One of them would be receiving a text message when the customer’s prescriptions are ready for pick-up. Wasson has not only brought this to the table but also setting and achieving goals such as; being able to install solar roof panels on many for the Walgreens locations and creating a Website called, for amazing new access for Walgreens customers.

2. What benchmarks can Walgreens use to measure its success and control progress in its pursuit of these plans?

Looking at just some of Wasson’s accomplishments listed above, it points out the milestones that are being made in the Walgreens industry as a whole. This has been shown though Wasson doing his part and putting Walgreens on a more direct competition playing field with Wal-Mart and Target. It is also shown that Walgreens is poised to profit from the baby boomers generation. This is seen because research has shown that this generation is extremely reliant on prescription drugs. Not only is Walgreens as a company doing better with profit, but Wasson has also added some perks in for the employees as well. One of those perks would be early retirement. But there is one key element that would make Walgreens the biggest success or the biggest failure.

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