Case Study Tacoma Narrows Bridge Essay

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Case Study Tacoma Narrows Bridge

In what ways were the project planning and scope management for this project appropriate and when did they begin taking unknowing or unnecessary risks? Discuss the issue of project constraints and other unique aspects of the bridge in the risk management process. Did the project managers take them sufficiently into consideration? Why or why not? At the time of this project there was not much know about the dynamic factors about as Suspensions Bridge so the management and planning for this project was appropriate. It had always been taken for granted in bridge building that static (vertical) load and mass of large structures were enough to protect them. The Planners took unknowing risks when the open girders in the bridge’s sides were substituted with flat, solid girders that would catch the wind and make the bridge sway from side to side.

One distinguishing feature that led to its “sway to destruction” was the bridge’s small width-to-length ratio; the bridge was incredibly narrow for its length also its topographic location made it very prone to high winds. These risks were never taken into consideration at the time. Project managers did not take them sufficiently into consideration since at the time was not much known about the dynamic factors. Conduct either a qualitative or quantitative risk assessment on this project. Identify the risk factors that you consider most important for the suspension bridge construction. How would you consider assess the riskiness of this project? Why? The most important risk factors are the width-to-length ratio of the bridge, the bridge’s side girders replaced with flat, solid girders, which did not allow the wind to pass through the bridge, and the location of the bridge.

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