Case Study One Solved Ethics Essay

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Case Study One Solved Ethics


Your son, Mark, has been working “night and day” on a major contract for his company over the past six months.

To substantiate his company’s viability, Mark had to divulge certain private corporate information to Jim—the prospective customer. He gave out the private information during the closing phase of the contract—only after it had been clearly implied the contract would be his.

Unfortunately, the contract did not materialize. Jim found a better deal.

Mark is really upset by Jim’s lack of business ethics. He is also a little worried about keeping his job. He now believes that many of the statements made throughout the contract discussions and negotiations were false and deliberately misleading.


OK dad/mom, your son Mark needs some advice. Write him a one-page letter. How should he have handled this situation and what should he do now? Bring your answer to week 2.

Dear son

I feel very good that you are seeking help of your parents .Being a mother I feel that you should try to keep your professional life a better one and not to reveal any information about the company and the policies to any of the customers as the information and the things of business are very sensitive and may cause a great harm if the person you are sharing with is not loyal. According to me you should have read the policies and the contract before signing any of the document and you should try to avoid such a mistake again in life.

With regard to this I must say you should try to consult a lawyer or any law suit if you find any problem with the Jim. And if you feel that Jim is not doing well and is not standing on the contract made then you should try to avoid revealing secretive information to any of the person and should read the policies and make a suitable contract with only trust worthy person and if you feel like you are cheated or any kind of loss has happened then you must sue or file a case against that person. But the ethics and the last things that comes to my mind is the ethic of honesty and a reliability. You should try to avoid such mistakes in future so that your hard work will become fruitful and you will become a successful business personality.

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