Case Study One: Martha Johnson’s Inheritance Essay

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Case Study One: Martha Johnson’s Inheritance

In “Case Study One: Martha Johnson’s Inheritance”, Martha Johnson is a fictional character who is facing a financial dilemma. Receiving an inheritance after losing her aunt, Martha contemplates a series of choices. She can buy a car, live on her own, temporarily stop working, and go on vacation. Ultimately, saving her money is the best choice for Martha. As with any decision there are consequences and rewards. In order to make the right choice, Martha needs to consider how her choice will affect her life in education, social/ family, and her future. In all instances education is by far the most important factor.

If Martha chooses to take a three week vacation to Hawaii, all the work she has done to ensure her educational opportunities will be prolonged, leaving her with more work when she returns. Although the other choices benefit to education, this is not the case when it comes to her social and family needs. Because moving causes such a strain on families and the individual, although having more time to study, Martha will inevitably feel the guilt of leaving her ill mother alone, and lose focus on her school work.

On the other hand, buying a car would improve her social life as well as provide transportation to and from school, but will prove to be a burden in the future. All the choices Martha is facing, proves to be temporary solutions, except saving her money. By doing so Martha can continue working, receive financial aid, and in the meanwhile add to her inheritance by placing it in a high-interest money-marketing fund. As determined and intelligent Martha is, this is the best choice for her.

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