Case Study of Carl Robins Essay

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Case Study of Carl Robins

My consulting company has been hired by ABC, Inc. to evaluate some problems involving management. Once the analysis is complete it will identify and recommend ways to improve the hiring process of ABC, Inc. Carl Robins is a new campus recruiter who is on the fast track to success. However, as a new employee, he is not fully informed on processes of the company. From my analysis, I conclude that Carl Robins is not organized and did not assemble training plan for the new recruits. New employees can acquire a situation too deep and too fast. It takes at least six months to a year for someone in a new position to understand his or her role within a company. Carl Robins is doing too much too fast. A plan needs to be in place and reviewed before any new trainees were hired. Carl Robins, a new recruiter with ABC, Inc., has a dilemma.

Because a training plan was not put in place and the proper research was not done, Carl runs the risk of an unsuccessful orientation. Carl’s position has the role of coordinating tasks and gathering information for new people coming to the company. If the process is unsuccessful, it will leave a bad impression with not only Monica Carrolls, Operations Supervisor, but the new trainees as well. As the coordinator, Carl has not put in the research required to obtain the information needed for the trainees. Several problems exist for Carl Robins.

The first issue is that he is six months into his position and is not aware of certain policies and procedures within ABC, Inc. The second issue is that a training plan does not exist for Carl to follow to make sure trainees meet the requirements. In the workforce today it is important that everyone entering a new job receive all the required training that is needed to complete it in a professional and skilled manner. When Carl Robins decided to take on the position as a Campus Recruiter for ABC, Inc., Carl didn’t receive the proper training needed to accomplish his tasks. This error is placed upon the human resource department for ABC, Inc.

Even though Carl knows a lot in this area, he should not receive any special treatment and still be shown the proper ways and steps to make, for this company, before planning a new hire orientation. The third issue is that by Carl being new to his position he did not do the research or ask questions on what needed to be done. He just assumed. An action plan or schedule should be active before the new trainees were hired. Carl did not prepare for the orientation; he runs the risk of not possessing the space or materials to conduct the orientation.

The fourth issue Carl is a procrastinator

Carl could have prevented this problem by not being so negligent. One of Carl’s identifiable problems is his procrastination on finalizing the new trainee paperwork necessary to conduct the orientation. The sad truth is that most individuals are procrastinators. “Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday”. Carl Robbins, procrastination is a major part of the failure of his recruitment of the new hires. Another factor that contributes to his failure is the lack of communication. When Monica contacted Carl about the training schedule he should have ask Monica about the steps of how ABC, Inc. proceed for training. The fifth issue is that Carl does not know how to plan and execute. Carl’s lack of planning and execution could imply that either Carl is not fully qualified, or as I mentioned earlier Carl needs more training. The sixth issue is Carl is lacking in his Time Management Skills.” Time is a commodity no individual can afford to lose. The best way to reach a project deadline is to have a good time of objectives. The seventh and last issue is Communication. Lack of communication at any workplace makes for catastrophe. When lagging communication between departments and employees lags, the state of business suffer.

The key to effective communication is being timely and relevant. There is an immediate lack of timely communication going on between Carl Robins and Monica Carrolls. Assumption is being made by Monica Carrolls that Carl Robins knows what he is doing, and the protocol that follows a new hire orientation is visible. New employees were hired in early April and not until the middle of May did Monica consult her new recruiter on the current status of the employees. This is over a month that critical follow-up was needed with the new campus recruiter. Perhaps if there was a set schedule in place that Carl was given as to a timetable, important records and documentation that needed to be completed would not have been overlooked. These documents are mandatory for an orientation to take place. Procrastination or a lack of clearly defined priorities may have been factors in why Carl waited until after Memorial Day to pull files and take a look at the new hires current status. This allowed only one week for odds and ends to be completed before the actual orientation was to take place on June 15th of that month.

My conclusion is that lack of planning skills and time management on behalf of the newly hired campus recruiter. My suggestion is in order to reduce or eradicate the problems identified in this case ABC, Inc., should provide everyone with a detailed outline of the hiring process and what the hiring process encompasses. After reviewing Carl Robins’ case, I have come to the conclusion that Carl has put himself in a situation where he will not be able to make a deadline he has set with the operations supervisor, Monica Carrolls.

Carl will not be able to make the tight deadline due to all the problems he has been faced with. In order for Carl to become a successful employee for ABC, Inc., he will need to learn how to manage his time more efficiently and communicate better with his coworkers and the potential recruits. These types of problems Carl has been faced with can be overcome by managing time affectively and communicating with his supervisor and the new trainees about the policies and procedures of the company. Some alternatives that could have helped Carl are:

The trainers files could be reviewed before the initiate hire date.
Placed notes on files with any missing documents.
Manuals should be reviewed every month.
A system upgrade can be implemented.
The drug screening can be scheduled after the first interview in order to have them completed in time for orientation.
ABC, Inc., should have a centralized area for the necessary documents needed for orientation, so when new trainees are hired it would be available. My proposed solution is the following:

Carl needs to find another room for training or to arrange a place outside the company to have the orientation. Call a local hotel where he can meet to conduct the new employee orientation. Reserve the room that Joe booked either in the AM or PM after the computer training class
The missing applications and transcripts should not take long to complete. In the course of orientation, they can go over and complete. The orientation manuals need to be piece together into one, after this is done the manual needs to be revised and rewritten. The completed manuals than need to be copied either at the office copier or taken to the local Kinko’s office. Carl can assign someone to call the Drug testing facility, and schedule five people per Day for three days or contact the recruits and send them to……….. and the company will have the results the same day. This will take care of the drug screening problems.

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