Case Study: Nortel – Still Going But Where? Essay

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Case Study: Nortel – Still Going But Where?

If you had to reveal bad news to your parents or to your spouse (such as denting the fender of that persons car), would you break the bad news quickly or build up to it? Why? If I would reveal bad news to my parents, I will not break it easily and instead, I will make a plan on how to reveal it softly without causing them any shocks or negative reactions. I believe that breaking bad news in a soft manner helps people better understand the situation and think of better solution to address the problem.

More importantly, taking things in a soft manner shows that you are concern to the receivers of bad news and you want to protect their feelings as much as you want to tell them the truth. 2. What are some techniques you could use to soften the blow of bad news? First of all, an apology to the receivers of bad news is needed to make them feel that you are sorry and what happened is not due to your intentions. Next, you have to tell and clearly explain the things that happened prior to the occurrence of the problem. Third, explain the problem itself and its effects.

Convince them that what happened is due to the causes that you have explained. Lastly, encourage them to remain positive and motivate them to talk about the possible solutions to the problem (Subramanian 1). That way, you will be able to effectively communicate with them and let them understand the entire situation. 3. When an organization has to reveal disappointing news to customer, employees, or other what goal should it try to achieve? When revealing a bad news, an organization should focus on its goal of being optimistic all the time.

The management should effectively convince everybody that there is still a solution and if they work together as a team, they will be able to resolve the problem. However, the organization should also be transparent in everything by saying the truth and telling it right away to avoid further problems. Most of all, company should treat the problem as a new opportunity to do better and learn from their mistakes (Subramanian 1).

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