Case Study Nissin Essay

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Case Study Nissin

I. Synopsis (summary of the case including theoretical context of the problem) II. 2nd part A. Time Context (the time when the problem was noted) B. Case Viewpoint (indentification of the real owner of the problem) C. Statement of the Problem (in a gap or difficulty that deter or prevents the company from achieving its objectives D.

Statement of the Objectives (ends or results that you would like to accomplish) E. Statement of the Areas of Consideration (Facts of the case in outline form) F. Statement of the Alternative Courses of Action (A choice between two or more possible solution to solve the problem.) (minimum acad requirements should be two with advantages and disadvantages for each alternative).

G. Statement of Conclusion (the Final decision) H. Statement of Recommendation (Plans of action presented in Tabular form indicating activities, assigned person or department and target date of completion) Case Study I. Synopsis The Study is about the company, Monde Nissin where all of the heads of the department comprising the said company were gathered to reiview and discuss the year’s performance for its instant noodle line. The said meeting was initiated by the demand analyst of the said company.

He/She reported that their sales growth over that past year has been a single digit from years 2006 to 2008, with respect to the previous years which was year 2003 to year 2005. They discussed the problem as to how did their sales growth decline, some of the department heads reported that the decline was due to increase in price of their product. The increase in product price was due to the increase of imported wheat, the price of dollar is still unstable, and the addition of the brand new warehouse.

They also said the population in the Philippines decreased consumption of instant noodles and other staples due to increase in prices of goods. Some also said that the population in the country today is more concerned with their health and wellness, some people are also environmentally conscious and some people also want products that has variability.

With these constraints, the department heads concluded that they should produce a new product which features health and wellness but the introduction of a new product in the market will require high cost, because they will recalibrate their facilities because their facilities are not flexible therefore incurring high cost.

II. A. Time Context The problem was noted in year 2008. B. Case Viewpoint The main problem of the Case Study is why the sales growth of the Company declined and how to make their sales growth rise again. C. Statement of the Problem The company is faced with many problems or challenges, these are: a. The imported wheat price is rising b. The dollar remains to be unstable c. The costs they are incurring because of the new warehouse d. The decreasing consumption of the public with their product due to increase of the prices of goods e.

The increasing demand for products that has Health and Wellness benefits, products that are good for the environment and products that has variability D. Statement of the Objectives f. To help the company increase its sales growth E. Statement of the Areas of Consideration g. The company has to consider the increase in price of imported wheat h. The dollar that is still unstable i. The decrease of the public in buying their product due to increase of price of goods j. The increasing demand for products that has Health and Wellness benefits, products that are good for the environment and products that has variability.

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