Case Study: King of the Hill

1) What leadership traits account for Denny Hill’s success? Denny is using the perfect traits of a teacher keeping the swim team interested so they do not lose focus in the meeting or the workouts. Denny also shows his team confidence, in himself as well as in his team. Due to this Denny has the faith of his team behind him and their truest in his abilities. 2) How would you describe Denny Hill’s leadership abilities? I believe Denny developed leadership abilities through hard work and practice, because the first year swim team did not do so good.

Denny learned from his mistakes and took various steps to make himself a better leader. He also encouraged his swim team members to pick up leadership roles.

3) Leadership includes administrative skills, interpersonal skills, and conceptual skills. How does Denny Hill stack up on these skills? As a teacher Denny is well versed in administrative skills as he has to see to grades, progress reports, and even evaluating student progress on a daily basis.

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Denny’s interpersonal skills get tested on a daily basis with peer and student interaction. Denny has conceptual skills in that what he did for the swim team the previous year did not work. He had to re-evaluate the situation and come up with another workable plan for the swimmers. Denny is doing a good job utilizing these skills and taking the swim team in the right direction.

4) How does Denny Hill integrate task and relationship behaviors in his leadership? Denny does have task behaviors in his leadership as he has planning to do for the swim team which include team meetings.

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There is also relationship behaviors included in his leadership when he assigns the students to become a part of the leadership team. 5) From a relational perspective, how would you describe Denny Hill’s leadership? Denny Hill’s leadership is interactive where the swim team has the ability to share leadership roles, authority, and influence. 6) In what way does Denny Hill’s coaching exemplify leadership as an influence process? Denny utilized his influence on the swim team so they can reach common goals. Denny wants a winning swim team and the swimmers want to win, as well as, want to make their leader proud.

Northouse, P. (2015). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (Third ed.). Los Angeles: Sage.

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Case Study: King of the Hill

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