Case Study Investigation Essay

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Case Study Investigation


This scientific research investigates about nowadays scientific advances. Two scientific advances which are RTerg and ultra-low-power digital memory have differences and similarities that were analyzed from 6 different internet resources. RTerg contribute more in human progress compared to the ultra-low-power digital memory because it can reduce death toll caused by tsunami. This research confirmed the thesis statement although some may have different opinions according to their different point of views, but it is recommended that RTerg should be properly placed and people that operate RTerg should be properly trained.

1.0 Introduction

These days technology keeps improving and becoming more helpful to human beings. Now, technology can even prevent/reduce unnecessary death and can increase an object ability to its maximum capacity. This investigation purpose was to compare and contrast 2 different scientific advances. The first scientific advance is called RTerg. RTerg is a new system which can warn of tsunamis within minutes. The second scientific advance is called ultra-low-power digital memory. This ultra-low-power digital memory is a new technology that would dramatically extend battery life for mobile devices. This research was expected to show that RTerg contribute more in human progress compared to the ultra-low-power digital memory.

2.0 Methodology

This scientific case study investigation was based on 6 different internet sources. The first 3 sources were about the tsunami and the system, and the other 3 were about the new technology which can extend battery life. These sources were used to support the fact of this scientific investigation. The sources were used to compare and contrast the data and to find the differences and the similarities of the text discussed. The data was used to present the table.

3.0 Findings

Topic 1
Aspects to be examined
Topic 2
Scientific advance?
Ultra-low-power digital memory
Battery life
Earth science
Part of science?
Chemistry, Physics
Andrew Newman, March 4, 2011
Discovered by? When?
Eric Pop, March 10, 2011
Measurement of magnitude
Previous strategy?
Array of memory bits
Reduce death tolls
Contribution to human progress?
Improves anything that uses battery
Cause good impacts
New invention
Contribute to human progress

There are differences and similarities between both scientific advances. Both have different issue and historical perspective. The first scientific advance (RTerg) discuss about reducing death toll caused by tsunami and before it was invented, they used a strategy by measuring the magnitude. The second topic discussed about the battery life which drain fast. And before, the strategy used was by creating arrays of memory units which operate together. The first topic is part of earth science since tsunami is a natural disaster and was discovered by Andrew Newman, March 4, 2011. The second topic is part of chemical and physical science because they need to count the energy use and the material they should use to produce efficient battery, and was discovered by Eric Pop, March 10, 2011. The similarities contribute in bringing good impact and efficient in human life, also both are still considered as new technologies.

4.0 Discussion

The new system which can warn of tsunamis within minutes (RTerg) is very useful because tsunamis may occur anytime and people usually are unaware of the signs, which may cause large amount of death. The most destructive and deadliest tsunami happened in 2004. The tsunami killed almost 250,000 people in Sumatra, Indonesia (Phillips 2011) because the citizens/communities didn’t get enough information of what will happen and some didn’t get the proper knowledge about the signs before tsunami that made them unaware and became victim of this destructive and deadly disaster. With this new system, death rate caused by tsunami can be reduced or even prevented. This new system inform the population near the location to evacuate to safer place only minutes after the initial earthquake because people usually didn’t realize the signs of tsunami since the earthquake felt like an order of magnitude smaller than it supposed to be (New system can warn of tsunamis within minutes 2011).

This new ultra-low-power digital memory is also useful to human progress because people can communicate longer and save their time waiting for their mobile devices to fully charge. Gadgets these days usually run out of battery after few hours of full use and wouldn’t last for a day. This new technology is also important to other devices that use battery, for example, satellites, military equipment, etc. (New technology would dramatically extend battery life for mobile devices 2011). Apart from long lasting battery life, this new battery is small in size. This battery use ultra-low-power memory to minimize the energy used for mobile activity.

The battery also use nanotubes which is known for its extraordinary stability, since they are not vulnerable to degradation which can cause plague metal wires. (New technology would dramatically extend battery life for mobile devices 2011) RTerg is expected to contribute more in human progress because RTerg warn peoples/citizens near impact zone before the tsunami happens and they can be more prepared to what will happen next. Lives will be saved, those lives may be one of the peoples who will be successful in the future and they may invent more advanced technology. The research was effective since the sources used for this research was easy to obtain.

5.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

To conclude, RTerg contributes more to human progress compared to the new technology which can extend battery life because the warning by the RTerg can save thousands of life. It is recommended that:

1. RTerg should be installed in places where tsunamis happen often 2. People who operates RTerg should be properly trained so RTerg can work with its maximum ability 3. People should read about this report so they may know more about this information

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