Case Study File Cafe Essay

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Case Study File Cafe

The purpose of this report is to analyse “The Broadway Café” shop which was built in 1952 and find problems that exists and also look for solution on how to fix those problems. Alter’s Framework was used to describe primary activities happening inside ‘The Broadway Café’. Rich Picture was used to describe everyday scenario in the coffee shop. Porter’s five forces model was used to for Competitive Advantage and E-Business was used to look at the problems and solution more closely. And then finally activity diagram was used to reflect upon groupware forums such as wikispaces.

1. Alter’s Framework


2. Rich Picture


3. Competitive Advantage

3.1 Making Business Decisions I


3.1.1 Entry Barriers

• Good service
• Traditional art of Coffee making
• Hygienic environment
• Lowest Price

3.1.2 Switching Costs

• Advertise Bulk offers
• Discount rates
• Privilege membership cards
• Free delivery within 2 Km

3.1.3 Substitute Products

• There is no exact substitute for coffees, but soft drinks may reduce the amount of coffee sales

3.1.4 Porter’s Generic Strategies

We will be using all the three strategies to improve the café

• Broad Cost Leadership
Providing lowest prices
• Broad Differentiation
Making our coffee ‘The Best” in all aspects and Excellent Service • Focussed Strategy
Setting sales target and achieving ‘n’ customers per day

3.2 Making Business Decisions II


3.2.1 Major Changes

• Ordering Food and Beverages in the same place

• Picking up Food and Beverages in the same place. Because, communication between A and B is easiest.

3.2.2 List of processes for Re-engineering

• Food delivery

• Cleaning

• Food preparation

• Safety enhancement

• Customer Service

4. E-business

4.1 Making Business Decision I

4.1.1 Introduction

The Broadway Café is in business since 1952. The cafe offers different kinds of coffees, teas, a full service bakery, homemade soups, sandwiches, and salads. The shop still operates as a grandfather Coffee shop from 1952, the café needs to adopt the 21st Century methods and develop e-business.

4.1.2 What types of E-Business would you deploy at The Broadway Café?

I would deploy an online menu where customers can see the detailed menu and also select what coffee the customer wants to order and also pay online to save time. Payment can be done through credit cards/cash at counter. If more staff is required, there will be option for uploading resume’s online.

4.1.3 How can an E-Business strategy help The Broadway Café attract customers and increase sales?

It will attract many customers after The Broadway Café starts the use E-Business effectively. The Broadway Café can increase sales by giving online discounts and special offers for regular customers to get repeat client age.

4.1.4 What types of metrics would you want to track on your E-Business Web site?

Keep a record of hits on website, keeping track of customer feedback, regularly checking for job applications, update information of new products
and the latest price changes, etc.

4.1.5 How could you use an E-Business strategy to partner with suppliers?

Uploading the stock level online only for staff and suppliers to access and check. Staff will receive the pre-set quantity of goods on their own from the suppliers. The new suppliers can send quotation of prices and goods online.

4.1.6 How could a portal help your employees?

Staff can use discussion forums to interact with each other. The staff can use it to contact with the manager and make a request for working hours, swap shifts, etc.

4.1.7 Would you use Kiosks in the café?

I would not use a Kiosk in the cafe. The Broadway Cafe is a big Kiosk itself and doesn’t require another one inside the cafe. Kiosks can be used outside the cafe but also then it would be of no use, as everyone will grab a coffee just from Kiosk and not even going to come inside the coffee shop. It will affect the sales a lot and it is not a good idea to have a Kiosk inside or outside The Broadway Cafe.

5. SCM

5.1 Business Dilemma

5.1.1 Define a way that you can revamp or reinvent your café using supply chain technologies.

As a café with a long history, it can use this history as a style and take restore ancient way as its characteristic. The first thing they can do is to renovate the café, dividing it into several areas with different function. The function of areas can be named as chatting, working, thinking and waiting, for things they ordered. In this way, customers coming with different purpose can all have a good time there. Then what I suggest is set up a series of favorable policy for customer.

For example, make coupon and concessionary card. As usual, people with these two things will always consume there. At last, the most useful way to revamp is by promoting. There are several ways to realize this promoting. First, they can have a set of coffee cups with their own logo on them. They can either sell them as goods or give out as gift when customers purchase things to a specific amount of money. We can also provide some stationary or small notebooks or something like that to make the café known to more people.

The supply chain technology can be used as follows:


6. Systems Development

6.1 Making business decision I

• What are the pros and cons of using an employee to build you a custom system?

o Pros: It can save money.
o Cons: You are not in control of that system; the employee who built it can change something without your awareness.

• What are the pros and cons of purchasing a COTS time and attendance application and outsourcing custom development? o Pros: Everyone is equal when facing the application. No one knows how to cheat with it. o Cons: It may spend a lot of extra money to get it and need a long time to adapt to the application.

• How will your older employees feel about the new system and what can you do to ensure a smooth transition? The older employees may feel hard to accept and will take it as a troublesome process.

To ensure a smooth transition, the first thing to do is inform the older employees about the advantages of this new application as well as the point which it is better than the former one. Then, someone should be hired specially to teach older employees about the way to use new application until they can use it practiced.

7. Appendix – Groupware Reflection

7.1 Introduction

Wikispaces is a tool just like any other groups such as google groups which provides free wikis for everyone. Our group chose this to be our main means of communication as far as study is concerned. It is very convenient tool for organizing groups as users can interact with other users and upload their documents and files which can be viewed and changed by all the members. The screen shot below shows the effective use of wikispaces.


7.2 What we did in Wikispaces?

• Created a new space named “(something related to the task)”. • Send invitation to other group members to join.
• Add new group members.
• Made a new page for a new task.
• Started uploading files and documents.
• Other group members read and review the documents and make changes if needed to make it better. • Other member receives a notification when changes were made. • When finished, we made another page and repeated the process until all the tasks were finished.

Given below is a flow-process diagram explaining how our group worked on wikispaces.


• We always had a meeting before we start a new task and discuss how to deal with and what to do next in the case study. • Everyone delivered their own opinion and picked up the main steps needed to do. • Allocate specific tasks to everyone and finished our meeting. • We then did the tasks separately at home and then uploaded it to wikispaces. • Other group members then download the document and review it and finding if there are some parts needed to be modified. • Then in the next meeting, we discussed it and tried to solve the problem. • At last final document was uploaded to wikispaces.

7.3 Advantages and Disadvantages

• Advantages

o User can upload any document any time.

o User can make changes to any existing page.

o New pages are created easily just in one click.

• Disadvantages

o Everything should be on main page, bad navigation (Recent Changes).

o Upload doesn’t work if the file is already open.

o While inserting an image sometimes you get as a link and sometimes as a display.


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