Case Study : Employee Resoursing Essay

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Case Study : Employee Resoursing

01. Executive Summery

Country consumer Products Company is a company which need to market their newly developed baby soap ranges. Because of that they need to fill the vacancy of brand manger immediately. They advertised the vacancy without proper supervision and they prepared it in a hap hazard manner. From the limited applicants they selected one candidate to perform the job. To select the employee they conducted interviews hurriedly without paying much attention to the standard way of performing the interviews. After that they directly appoint newly recruited employee, Mr. Anton to perform the job. Mr. Anton missed the opportunity to get proper induction program from the company. Gradually he couldn’t perform the job up to the expected level and it cause to de-motivate the other employee. Due to the improper HR planning, absence of proper strategy to attract employees, improper recruitment, selection and induction Processes Company couldn’t recruit right person to the job.

It also caused to lost revenue and orders for the particular product ranges. To overcome the above obstacles the company need to implement effective HR practises within the company. Through proper HR planning, proper recruitment, selection and Induction Company can attract most suitable employee to the company. As a solution for the current situation of the company, they can extend the probation period of Mr. Anton or terminate his job and recruit new employee for the post f brand manager. Both opportunities have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the light of considering the above case its better if they can extend the probation period of Mr. Anton. It will provide long term benefits to the company and it will protect the goodwill of the company.

02. Issues involved in the case

In the light of considering the case of Country Consumer Products Company following issues can identify from the case. * Having wrong candidate for the organization Country consumer Product Company needed an employee who has enough competencies to meet the goals and objectives of newly introduced baby soap ranges. It was a huge responsibility for the employee because the products are new to the market and need more promotions to market the product in a competitive environment. But the company lost many orders and they had to bear huge cost because of the wrong decisions on the recruitment of the brand manager. Due to the improper planning the organisation couldn’t find the right fit to the organisation. There is an old saying that “one dirty fish pollutes the entire pond”. Automatically these failures expand to the other employees and it causes to the de-motivated the other employees.

* Not having proper strategy to attract right people

From the inception of the decision of the recruitment of the new employee the company acts in a wrong way. It means the company couldn’t attract the most suitable candidates with the relevant qualifications, Expertises and skills. The company couldn’t attract to most suitable employee. Due to the improper selection of advertising Sources [weekday news paper] and lack of advertising skills missed necessary information which should be the advertisement of brand manager. Because of that company failed match the human recourses with the objectives of the company.

* Not having proper recruitment process to select right candidate Country consumer Product Company did not handle the proper way to search for prospective employees and they did not simulate them to apply for jobs. In the recruitment process they did not select the right recruitment source. They did advertising in a improper method [week days] and they developed in a hurriedly and sent directly to the news paper office therefore they missed necessary parts of a slandered advertisement due to the above reasons they had only restricted choices and they couldn’t absorb the right blood to the organisation. In absence of the standard selection process, limited the possibility to select the right applicant.

* Not having proper induction and placement

Country Consumer Company did not placed Mr. Anton in a suitable job. They just thought on the suitability of the individual to the job and they did not think on the suitability of the job to the individual. Due to that Mr. Anton was not competent enough to perform the job. He always depend subordinates and there were no proper guidance for the branding team. Also Mr. Anton missed the opportunity to get proper induction which can identify the surrounding of the practices, policies and the purposes of the organization. Because of the hurry of the company they directly appoint Mr.Anton to perform the job. Due to the improper induction and placement the company couldn’t get the maximum benefit from the particular employee.

* De-motivated and frustrated employees due to the poor HR practices The company couldn’t get right employee for the place of brand manager for newly introduced baby soap ranges Due to the improper HR planning, recruitment, selection and placement. In the absence of proper guidance, employees who were under the supervision of Mr.Anton had frustrated minds. Because in the beginning they had more orders but gradually they had lost them and couldn’t achieve the given targets. Therefore it caused to decrease the motivation among the employees.

03. Recommendations to overcome the obstacles

To overcome the above issues following recommendations can be used as the alternative solutions to this case. * Integrating HR planning with goals and objectives of the organization Country consumer products Company should determine the requirement of human recourse to achieve its strategic goals of the company. Company should identify the right people with the proper skills and have to motivate them to achieve higher performance. Company can automatically achieve the goals and the objectives through people. Also it needs to create interactive links between business objectives and people planning activities. * Establish and develop strategies to attract employees to the organization Employees are assets for an organization. Therefore company should attract right candidate with proper qualifications and expertise.

To attract right candidate for the company, first they should analyze the job to identify the requirements of the job of brand manager. It gives a solid basis for job related employment decisions. After the job analysis HR department need to prepare the job specification and the job description. Job description describes the details of the job of a brand manager, reporting relationships, overall objectives, main activities and tasks. Through the job specification the company can convey what kind of characteristics that are needed to perform the job of brand manager. Through job analysis the company can attract the right blood among pool of people.

* Establish recruitment and selection procedure which help to hire the right person HR department of the company needs to establish proper process to search prospective employees. First there should be an effective HR department within the company and they should analyze the future and current human requirement. Through the job analysis, job specification and the job description should be developed. Then it should send to the relevant department heads to the confirmation. For need of brand manager it should send to the head of the marketing department.

It will allow the company to confirm the information under the supervision of the authorised party. For the above post company can select advertising, Employment agencies, secondments etc. to select people. Advertisement should be properly developed and should contain essential information. To advertise the job can use week end news paper or commonly use media. Finally it needs to assess the effectiveness of the recruitment process. * Establish proper induction and selection procedure

To select the qualified personal company should follow well managed selection process. For that they can conduct interviews, examinations and referral checking etc. For the immediate post of brand manager, interviews can conduct to identify the suitability of the employee to the job. Interviews should well-planned and there should be qualified interview panel including the head of marketing department. There should be Fair evaluation criteria and every candidate should have equalant chance to be select. Through a proper selection company can select best among the good. Also it must be a mandatory requirement to have 1 month induction programme for the all new employees. Because of that they can familiar to the company environment. * Implement proper HR planning process in order to get right people to the current and requirements of the organization The success of country consumer Products Company is directly linked to the performance of those who work for that business.

Underachievement can be a result of workplace failures. Because hiring the wrong people or failing to anticipate fluctuations in hiring needs can be costly, it is important that the company put effort into human resource planning. Planning for HR needs will help to ensure the employees have the skills and competencies which the business needs to succeed. A HR plan works hand in hand with the business plan to determine the resources which need to achieve the business’s goals. It will better prepare for staff turnover, recruitment, and strategic hiring and alleviate stress when the company have emergency (last-minute hiring needs). Not only for the country consumer Products Company but also have every organization needed to have a proper HR planning process. Because it provides quality workforce, Reduces labour costs, Facilitates rise in skills, Effective motivation, Safety of health.

04. Conclusion

Country consumers Product Company failed to achieve their sales target and goals of the organisation due to their improper HR practices poor HR plantings selection of unsuitable recruiting sources and absence of proper selection and induction made the sales drop. Because of that they had restrict choice to select the suitable candidates for the company. However they selected Mr. Anton as their brand manager. Gradually Mr. Anton couldn’t achieve the objectives and frustrated about the job. That course to de-motive other employees too. As a result of that the company have two options regarding the Mr. Anton. First one is to extend his production period.

Without taking him directly as a permanent employee they can hold under the production period. Because of that Mr. Anton can understand the surroundings of the organisation and he can understand department processes structure and system of the company. Through working on the job he can directly get an idea about with his responsibilities and duties, who are their clients and customers. How to perform a team work, how he have to provide the guidance to the team through the training he will perform better. Also Mr. Anton can motivate himself and it cause to increase the confidence to perform the job. Apart from that above advantages the company has to bear extra lost to train him again. It will get more time and automatically it will cause to reduce their revenges.

The second option is to terminate the job of the Mr. Anton due to the poor performance. If they terminate Mr. Anton they need to recruit another employee by the following proper HR practices. They can get the most suitable employee among the qualified people. But they need to bear huge cost including leaving cost of Mr. Anton. To recruit another employee they need bear opportunity cost of recruiting, selecting and training of the particular employee. Also there is a huge possibility to engage with the labour department activities, If Mr. Anton file a case on there. Also Mr. Anton will recommend the company as an unhealthy company for an employee and it will create a bad image with in the market Therefore considering all the disadvantages and advantages the company should select a better option whether to terminate Mr. Anton or extend his probation period.

05. Implementation

According the point of my view if the company can extend the probation period of the Mr. Anton it will provide more benefits to the company and to the Mr. Anton. Through proper training and a proper induction Mr. Anton will perform his job in a high level. First the company should have to give an introduction about the organisation, department structure and the processes. Through this he can get the idea of the full picture of the company. For this company can use past annual reports, product manual, websites and etc. One authorised party [marketing manager] can arrange a small company visit and identify the process physically and to identify the other top, middle and lower level employees. This practically causes to increase the confidence level of the Mr. Anton. After the introduction the company can assign little responsibility to Mr. Anton to work on it. There should be a proper guidelines and a continuous supervision on Mr. Anton through this Mr. Anton can learn how the job should be.

Perform and with the direct responsibilities of him. He should be advised how to guide a team to achieve the targets. If the Mr.Anton needs more educational qualifications company can sponsor him to get further education. To cost of the training company need to well plan the training program from the beginning to end. On the job training can reduce the cost of training. Because he learns when work. It save the also. Step by step Mr.Anton will perform better and better. It will protect the image of the company, cost and the time. Also company’s Human Resource department need to be more focus on HR practices.

They need to plan the HR requirements and need to adjust all the other recruitment and the selection processes to get the most suitable candidates for the job. They need to concentrate to gain fresh, innovative, competitive blood to the company. Furthermore company need to assess the performances of the Mr. Anton and need to check whether there is a performance gap. To assess the performance in the probation period company need to record all positive and negative achievements created by the Mr.Anton. Apart from terminate the job of Mr.Anton, extending the probation period increases the confidence level and the mental strengths of him. It will provide long term benefits and will protect the goodwill of the company.

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