Case Study: Domino’s Dilemma Essay

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Case Study: Domino’s Dilemma

1.The decision to eat what for dinner is an example of limited problem solving because it straightforward and use simple decision rules to choose among alternatives. The decision to eat what type of pizza is habitual because it has some degree of information search and deliberation so ordering a favorite type of pizza could be a habit – something that you order all the time when pizza is ordered. The type of pizza can be limited depending on the customer and if they know what they want. They might need to research the brochure or website to figure out what ingredients are combined to make specialty pizzas or specials.

2.The video would influence a consumer greatly if they watched the video during the search stage of the purchase because it’s quite off-putting. Since the employees were suppose to be professional and clean, their behavior as to what goes on in the kitchen without any supervision shows the lack of quality control and integrity the employees have. Customers would most likely get turned off from ordering pizza or order from another company.

3.People who have watched the video may have the vision of the employees doing inappropriate things with the ingredients in their minds and may choose not to buy from Dominos in the short term. I think it would affect their brand loyalty more in the short term. Since Domino’s took the necessary steps to deal with these employees, and is now more mindful of how sensitive their consumer’s are, I don’t believe their loyalty will be affected in the long term. Plus people tend to forget incidence’s like this. I have not seen the YouTube video for this, therefore I can not gauge how gross or inappropriate.

4.The only thing I would do differently is to have the video removed immediately. For the video to have been posted for 48 hours and the video was viewed 1 million times before it was taken down appears to be a very slow response. I would also ensure the public knows that the behavior from those employees are unacceptable and let the public know the steps taken to ensure something like that doesn’t happen again. I believe Domino’s response was strong enough.

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