Case Studies Homework Essay

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Case Studies Homework

Sally is suffering from a debilitating illness which will eventually rob of her speech and mobility. She has requested that the hospital staff do not resuscitate her if she has a heart attack. This is a limitation on use of restrictions on rights because Sally does not want the right to life anymore if it means that she cannot speak and move without help.

A pregnant single woman wants to abort her baby. However, the natural father wants her to keep the child. This freedom of expression as the woman has the rights to her own body and she can say what she wants and decide what she wants to happen to the baby as it is her body.

An atheist teacher at a Roman Catholic school feels he has been prevented from gaining promotion due to his religious beliefs. This is a prohibition of discrimination because he should be treat professionally and not any different because of his religious beliefs.

An asylum seeker is being threatened with expulsion from the United Kingdom. He is frightened to return to his home country because of threats of detainment or even death. He expressed political views against the government; he knows he won’t get a fair trial. This is against the right to life as his life could be taken away by others. It is also against the prohibition of torture because he could be tortured by others in his home country. Also, it is against the right to a fair trial and no punishment without law because he would not be given a fair trial in his country and be punished without breaking the law.

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