Case Strategic Capital Management Quest Essay

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Case Strategic Capital Management Quest

1. What is the current stock market valuation (market capitalization) of Creative Computers and of Ubid based on the stock prices as of December 9? Analyse these valuations with respect to the assets and liabilities of each of these firms. Are the stocks undervalued, overvalued, correctly valued?

2. Based on the analysis in part 1, what should Elena do? Buy Creative Computers? Buy Ubid? Buy both Creative Computers and Ubid? Is there some other investment strategy involving Creative Computers and Ubid that you would suggest? Be specific about size of the positions in each of stock.

3. How long should Elena hold her positions? What are the costs and risks associated with the strategy you have suggested?
Case submission: See case write up guidelines provided in the course outline. 2 pages limit means 2 one-sided pages.

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