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Case Solution Electro Logic

Ram Singam -Electro Logic writeup1. Motivational Strengths and Weaknesses of Electro Logic Strengths: Electro Logic (EL) employees are part of a highly dynamic industry and they are given the opportunity to make a difference in IT through great perfection of the VFVA system. Salaries and wage raises are offered based on performance, stimulating as such EL staff members will increase their efforts in supporting the organization reach its overall goals. On-campus-job training programs are motivating as the employees are able to learn from their colleagues in a familiar environment, maximizing the chances of future successes.

The company is continually evolving, engaging as such its employees in a complex dynamic process, which maintains their motivation and reduces routine work EL creates opportunities for social interactions, which increase morale and employee collaboration. Weaknesses In Electro Logic the fact that major funding comes primarily from the government, the budget for this company was not fixed for a long term, employee benefits, Health insurance premiums can change any time, no job security for employees; thus employees levels of motivation, and consequently performance and Outcomes are negatively affected.

The selection criteria for the newly appointed responsibilities were rather arbitrary and this could generate dissatisfaction. Advancement opportunities are unclear to employees as such fail to properly motivate the EL employees. The internal structure of EL organization is based on vertical hierarchy, with employees being given limited access to distinguish them. The more flat the organization the better the motivation and performance. Reinforcement is missing.

The three locations of the Electro Logic separate buildings reduce the employee’s ability to concentrate and integrate as a team and also reduce their morale on High-Priority Actions.

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The micro management in some areas should be reduced in the main building. The Administrative department should be treated fairly as it is also part of the company. The appreciation and integrated team work is missing at the Electro Logic. This reduces the outcomes. Employee’s personal needs are not recognized by the managers thus reducing the satisfaction.

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