Case Problem Essay Topics

Societal problem

In this essay I will discuss how unemployment is an individual and a social problem and how Max Weber distinguished power, authority and coercion and how the functionalist, conflict theorist and symbolic interaction theory view the economy and by the mid century how they have evolved and the role of these theories to explain social… View Article

Symbolize the problem

Firstly, the designer is required to conduct a thorough research about the product itself and its unique selling proposition. He will then decide the selling style of the product, be it hard or soft sell. The type of appeal will also be chosen for the body copy from a selection of emotional to logical appeals…. View Article

Case Problem: Stateline Shipping and Transport Company

Rachel is considering using each of the plant and waste disposal sites as intermediate shipping points. Now, there is a possibility to reduce the transportation coat by utilizing alternative routes. For example, as per the given cost table, cost to transport from Kingsport to Duras is $17. Instead of this route, if we transport first… View Article