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Case Assignment

a. How did data analysis enable agility/flexibility? Conducting analysis provided SEJ with the opportunity to strategize locations of stores and deliveries of the right products at the right times. b. How did data analysis reduce leftover goods that were perishable? Through the identification of product type, time and frequency, SEJ was able to reduce leftover goods that were perishable. Also, considering weather, local area events, and holidays they were able to adjust their ordering. c. How did electronic data acquisition reduce ordering/delivery lead times?

The orders were instantly sent and received by the vendor so the turn-around time was reduced. Trending these orders also allowed the vendors to be prepared with the items. d. What statistics did Seven-Eleven find that determined the success of a new store? They used several data points including, demographics for age, population, income etc. They considered local foot traffic, nearby schools, buildings and subways. They also balanced it with impacts of other local stores. e. How did Seven-Eleven share data electronically with its supply chain partners? They used their handheld terminals in each store to order directly through to the vendors.

This data was also captured for analysis and transportation. 3. If you were to design an analogous information and data analysis system for DCMA to oversee contractors and subcontractors: a. What would the goals of that system be? For me trending issues with sub-tier suppliers should be addressed. Currently we are very poor at sharing information within our offices and across the organization. A large scale supply chain mapping, rating and tracking system with feedback from all employees would help in being predictive about potential delivery and quality issues. b.

What data would you want to collect and how would you want to “data mine” it, or analyze the data to improve the performance of the contractor network and become aware of problems earlier? I would include both subjective and objective observations. Tracking delayed deliveries, their reasoning, CARs, Supplier CARs and supplier ratings or actions against their sub-tier would be the first step. I would also include subjective analysis by supply chain specialist to identify other areas of potential concern that may not have developed to the point of SCARs or delays.

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