Casablanca Center Of Economic Bustle

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You all must be familiar with the ancient country named Morocco. This country has a lot of legends and myths associated with it. It has a certain charm that is inevitable to see. It will be impossible to look at the city and miss the attraction and pull of the historical legends and mysteries. Casablanca is an important city and port located at the west of Morocco.

It is situated near the Atlantic Ocean. It is actually the chief port of Morocco.

Although Rabat is the capital city, in all important essence of economy, Casablanca is the center of economic bustle. It is all for the country’s benefit. The industrial sector in Casablanca has been working and evolving at a very high pace throughout the years and increasing the outputs in a very large number for the country. Casablanca has been a very strong economic contender for the top position in the past too and it is interesting to see it remain that way throughout the years to this time.

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An added interest factor in the history of the city is that it has not been a natural port as you may think. It is an artificially constructed port that is working through the years and earning the revenues by the time. Also this is the most famous artificial port by far. The industrial development makes it take away the prized main position of being the industrial zone of the whole country. More to know, The Royal Casablanca army has its naval headquarters just inside the city making it famous even more.

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The city is located on the breadbasket plain of the country which is named as Chawiiya. There are not many water courses in the city. One of the few that there are includes the famous Oued Bouskoura that is small in size but serves it purpose quite well.

Casablanca also houses world’s 3rd largest mosque. Hassan II mosque has room for 25,000 people and 8,000 more can be accommodated in the courtyard of this mosque. The minaret of Hassan II mosque is world’s tallest towering at the height of 210 meters. It’s the most remarkable piece of architecture in the whole Africa.

Being an industrial center, Casablanca has a well developed transportation system. Two International airports provides connection to all the important parts of the world. Coaches, a developing metro and taxis are available for inter city and outside city transportation. A tram system is also being developed. Casablanca is famous for its football clubs. There are two famous athlete clubs Raja club Athlete and Wayded Athlete club. Tennis is also a famous sport of Casablanca.

Climate of Casablanca is very moderate and most of the time cool breeze adds to the pleasant weather. Casablanca is a backbone for the economy of Morocco. The seaports of Casablanca provide most of the import and export. The largest export is phosphate. The other industries are fish, furniture, glass, electronics, textiles, leather goods etc. huge shopping centers are being constructed all over Casablanca entailing to the rising economy.

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Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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