Casablanca analysis essay

The masterpiece of cinematography - the movie Casablanca still touches the depth of souls of all people having a chance to watch it. The victory of good over evil, strength of spirit over trials, sacrificial love over circumstances, moral choice over life of vanity – impressive specter of feelings as well as extensive problematics are covered in one film. Everyone should take a chance to enjoy it. Movie analysis Casablanca is an opportunity to open and show broadness of plot and invaluable talent of director - Michael Curtis.

The film was presented in 1942 and sparked a furor.

The central character captured in the film is Rick Blaine. He owns a café. He is cynical and tends to be rude. The scene develops and appears new people - Ilsa Lund with her husband Victor Lazlo. Fates of Rick and Ilsa have crossed once in Paris, and from that moment, they were stoned in hearts of one another. However, life circumstances did not allow them to be together.

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This is love line of plot, and the line, which adds a dramatic effect to general mood of the film. The fact that this couple arrived in Casablanca is not a coincidence. They need documents to leave Casablanca and flee to the US, where Lazlo will be able to continue his work, being leader of the Czech Resistance movement. The Nazis are looking for him. Rick Blaine and his fellows can help them with documents. However, Rick is not eager to do it.

Lisa appears, and they have a small conversation.

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From few words, viewer can understand, how complicated were their destiny and the reason why they will never be able to be together. The line of love and feelings tightly interconnects with political line. The film represents equality of classes and cultures. The tolerance for Americans was expressed in the fact that Rick's cafe together sat, drank, dined, played cards and sang people of all nationalities and races. It is impressive that the film transferred process of uniting people, having nothing common among themselves, criminals and honest people, heroes and thieves, weak and strong individuals. All of them join in front of face of absolute evil - fascism. Moreover, this gives film a sublime romantic tone.

In the final, Rick Baine and Ilsa Lund leave each other, and their life paths probably will never cross again. All they have is Paris – life makes its correction, and people are its prisoners. Rick helps them with the documents, and they fly to the USA. Casablanca is the masterpiece of world’s cinematography. The impressive scenery, talented cast, and complicated scenario make the movie one of the most valuable pearls. The complexity of plot and various problems, which are skillfully blended will leave nobody indifferent.

People in the film are in many respects similar to us. They have the same complex range of feelings and emotions that close to each viewer. The notions of nobility and genuine patriotism are captured as opposed to national fascism. The film proves that there are things, which are capable of uniting people of different nationalities. The actions taking place in the movie show that this terrible war was won not only thanks to the exploit of compatriots.

The film also teaches that you cannot judge a person, taking into account only some actions and ignoring the others. This film shows people how to remain a human in a tough time. It teaches how to forgive when there is the most complex tangle of all sorts of feelings inside of you. It demonstrates how to live on when it seems that it would be better not to live at all.


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