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Essay on Cars

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A Utilitarian Argument in the Ford Pinto Case

DeGeorge, Richard T. Business Ethics 7th Edition. New Jersey Pearson, 2010. Print. Hoffman, W. Michael. “The Ford Pinto.” Business Ethics: Readings and Cases in Corporate Morality. Ed. W. Michael Hoffman, Robert E. Frederick, and Mark S. Schwartz. New York NY. McGraw-Hill, 2001. Boyce, Daniel “The Flaw of Utlitarianism: The Ford Pinto Case” Business Ethics IB. 15 April, 2010. Web. 11 April...


There are many risks and uncertainties, including an adverse development of global economic conditions, in particular a decline of demand in their most important markets; a worsening of the sovereign-debt crisis in the Eurozone; an exacerbation of the budgetary situation in the United States; a deterioration of our refinancing possibilities on the credit and financial markets; events of force maje...

Sector Matrix - Buyer-Driven Commodity

Furthermore, the Sector Matrix approach does not confine competition to the group of firms producing similar products; it extends the business relation to all the other firms that aspire to positions in the matrix. So, redefining competition may be a necessary exercise in order to effectively analyse the product market. Albeit useful, the applicability of Sector Matrix can be debated amongst acade...

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Volkswagen AG - Leading automobile company

To grow faster and more efficiently, the company should expand its business in more developing countries where the demand for cars remains high through years. The company also should build the image of green car with environmentally friendly models and fuel-efficient. Besides, because the major of its business operates in Europe, the company should put more effort to maximize the needs of customer...

Changing Tire

Changing a tire isn’t the hardest job but it can be tough for people who have never experienced it. It is a skill that needs to be learned if a roadside flat tire occurs and no one is around to help. A spare tire and tools are usually in the trunk when a tire is needed to be changed if it’s in the middle of nowhere. Safety is the most important part, and doing the steps correctly will make thi...

Alliance of Nissan and Renault Companies

The Alliance has helped Renault and Nissan outperform historic regional rivals, elevating both companies into an elite tier. Together, Renault and Nissan rank in the top three car groups globally. Based on cross-shareholding and mutual self-interest, the Alliance business platform maximizes synergies without destroying brand identity. In order to achieve competitive economies of scale, many autom...

Case: Lancer Gallery

I recommend that Lancer does not accept the contract that was proposed. Right now their one advantage is that they don’t have many competitors. This is because they only sell legitimate artifacts and people trust that when they buy from them, they are getting a solid product. While upfront it may seem that they would be making more money, I believe that overall they would be cheapening their bus...

Success of Land Rover in Automotive Industry

During the past few years, however, Land Rover has experienced tremendous growth in revenues and profits, It is currently selling more vehicles than ever worldwide. How is this possible for a company that only sells SUVs? One of the biggest reasons is Land Rover’s strategic focus on social responsibility and environmentalism. Land Rover believes that it can meet consumer needs for luxury all-ter...

American Muscle Cars: Mustang vs Camaro

In the end it is the person who decides which car to pick from. I just pick the 2010 Ford Mustang GT as a better choice than the 2011 Chevy Camaro SS. Mustang GT it has better speed, better body, style and it’s a money saver if you had to choice between those two cars. In the end, this is all about American muscle cars making their comeback. I won’t make any final statement about whether the M...

Case Study of Minit-Lube

The main criteria of measuring productivity of service providers such as Minit-Lube is differentiation, flexibility and cost involved in their service provisions. The Minit-Lube has distinguished itself from its rival automobile service providers by differentiating as a narrow service provider limited to automobile lubricating services rather than a general servicing of automobiles. Its approach i...

Porter Five Forces Model of Audi Company

Thus, when people find they have many substitute products to Audi cars, bargaining power of customers, threat of substitute products and competitive rivalry are high. Auto industry has many barriers and violent competition rivalry which not be limited in mid-luxury cars market. Meanwhile, there are many difficulties and challenges, as the situation of global economy is not well that the past. Howe...

ERP Implementation at Tata Motors

At present SAP MaxAttention module is implemented to their ERP system. This is a move through which TATA Motors can directly call in SAP Experts on demand and engage them on-call duty to support ERP issues at critical times which include but not limited to an additional software upgrade , a future software go-live event, performance optimization testing, volume testing. This MaxAttention is curren...

Tesla Motors Financial Analysis

Interestingly the year 2013 looks to have been a great year for Tesla Motors. The March 31 2013 quarterly income statement is the first to show profits in years. The Tesla Motors stock price has skyrocketed from near $30 per share at the end of 2013 to near $200 a share current day. I think Tesla Motors continual operating losses and negative ratios can be attributed to research and development am...

Porsche Swot Analysis

The biggest weakness of Porsche is that it's strictly a luxury car company. Since they are strictly a luxury car manufacturers they do not sell that many cars compared to companies like Ford, Toyota and Honda. This is still not that big of a weakness compared to other groups because of the fact that they have the highest profit per unit sold of any car company in the world. Overall though Porsche'...

BMW Company's Product Offering

The BMW product earns justification through its ability to meet market needs and wants. BMW meets consumer demand from a want perspective. Consumer’s long for the experience to own, lease, or drive a luxury BMW machine. The BMW product serves a need from a service guarantee perspective. “We design extraordinary cars. It only seems right to offer a service plan to match. No other premium automa...

Launching the BMW Z3 Roadster

So therefore in January their first initiatives should be to send survey forms and invites for an exclusive test run for the various customers who have placed orders. Then in the month of February have road shows throughout the country where the prospective buyers of the car will have a first hand feel of the car they are going to buy. This will help in building a market through customer referral ...

Internal and External Analysis of Tesla

Lastly Tesla, spends no money on advertising, and does not plan to. Tesla has a small in-house marketing team and an internal team to help run the Tesla website. "Right now, the stores are our advertising. "We're very confident we can sell 20,000-plus cars a year without paid advertising . . . It may be something we'll do years down the road. But it's certainly not something we feel is crucial for...

Attention Getter

Another cause of road accidents on the road is teenage drivers. Some teenagers cause fatal accidents, because of immaturity and lack of experience. Teenagers are very impulsive. Although not intending to hurt anyone, they sometimes drive very aggressively. It is not difficult to find teenagers driving with one hand on the steering wheel, seat pushed back, and with loud music playing. In traffic th...

Strategy Analysis of Toyota

Other than the vehicles themselves, and the roads and fuel needed to run them; the business is intricately tied to the manufacture of a wide range of components and the extraction of precious raw materials. Indirectly, it brings people road congestion, too many fatalities and a wave of other environmental troubles. The effect to the Toyota Company is that they needed to establish R&D centres t...

Jeep Grand Cherokee

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee use headline for: You’ll need to find a different excuse for being late to work. This headline really attract office worker. This press Jeep Grand Cherokee is comfortable and has fun to drive. Comfortable is the other most important reason for choose American car. Grand Cherokee shows this characteristics of the incisively and vividly. The seat not only soft and comforta...

Tata Motors Acquisition of Daewoo

The case has exemplified the influential components which have led to the success of Tata Motors and Daewoo Commercial Vehicle. However, the company experienced a number of issues in various aspects while moving into cross border acquisition. Despite of this fact, the acquisition was a huge success which was possible through appropriate integration of the processes and resources of the two compan...

The Skoda Fabia

And the older female audience would be more interested in the normal Fabia which Skoda advertised with the Cake ad, which incidentally increased their profits to their best year on record. Overall the ad is successful and memorable with a clear and excellent “unique selling point”. It creates a mean and crazy impression of the car that I’m sure would convince many a young adult to buy the Sk...

BMW Startegic Planning

This strategic benchmarking is concerned on the strategic action and change. BMW has many strategic actions in market their product to all their customers in the international market. Their most target market are individual which has family and many member. BMW offers security for each of the automotive that they produced. The person that used the facilities that BMW offer will feel secure and the...

Financial Ratio Analysis of Daimler Bmw Companies

The 2011 financial year was an excellent one for the Daimler where sales volume, revenue and earnings figures all significantly improved. Daimler Group should control its operating costs and continue to invest in R&D to maintain and improve its profitability levels. It could also further improve its efficiency by better managing the Operating Cycle. In this paper, we have illustrated relations...

Porsche: The Cayenne Launch

As Porsche moves forward and the brand continues to evolve, the company would be wise to apply the lessons it learned from the Cayenne to future model offerings. With the launch of the Panamera, Porsche’s first four-door sedan they will again be entering new market territory. The goal should be to position the Panarema strategically in the overly saturated luxury sedan market as a sports car lov...

The Definition of a Tyre

•Pneumatic tyre is a flexible, toroidal, compressed gas (normally air) container mechanically attached to the outer circumference of rim of a vehicle wheel. The name is derived from “Attire” – a protecting covering or coat. •The rubber exterior of a pneumatic tyre is merely a flesh for a skeleton of fabric; this skeleton and the manner in which it is constructed are of fundamental import...

A Second Chance at Life

It’s sad to say that it took a car accident and losing the closest person I had ever had to make me realize this. Wael might be gone but he will never be forgotten. I feel like he begged me to drive the car for a reason. It me who was supposed to be killed, but God took him before me. I believe everyone deserves a second chance just like God gave me another chance. I felt like I died and came ba...

The Big Twist

Seven reference specimens were placed in an austenitizing furnace at 844°C for one hour. After austenitizing, six of the samples were immediately quenched in water at room temperature and four of them were placed in tempering furnaces at 205°C, 370°C, 482°C, and 677°C for one hour. The other two were left at room temperature. The samples were next sanded with abrasive paper to remove surface ...

Tata Nano

My proposal is to create a distribution logistics base in Brazil from which Nano cars will be sent to each investor who wanted a Tata dealership in Brazil. Producing more Nano cars taking advantage of all the factors of production, increasing these if necessary by creating economies of scale. Transportation will be made with high capacity marine vessels. Due to the small size of the Nano could fit...

1920's Automobiles

Before automobiles we had horses. Horses travel on dirt and grass. Automobiles travel on highways. The automobile also led to highway construction, gas services, and repair. These industries employed about the 1,2 million people. In The motor vehicle also increased the sale of rubber, steel, glass, and petroleum products. The total effect of the invention of the Motor Vehicle on American life has ...

Electric Vehicle and Tesla Motors

Therefore, it is still challenge to decide whether sell Tesla Motors or not. Further analysis is required on the industry level which will clarify more on competitive advantage, market position and internal factors. In addition, Elon Musk is running three companies now, It will not be surprising if he sell the company because of personal limitation, even though the future of electric would be brig...

Nissan and Toyota Hybrid Engines

Nissan thinks of building its own engine by 2010 (HybridCarReview. com, 2007). The reason for that is Nissan dose not want to take the risk of entering the hybrid market with new engine, which could has less efficiency than competitors’ engines. Conclusion: In the market of hybrid engines, Toyota has sustainable competitive advantages. That depends on its awareness of adopting new technologies a...

Order Qualifiers and Order Winners for Toyota

Since, Toyota always spares huge amounts of money about research and innovation for car manufacturing as explained in deeper within Toyota and Innovation section below. For Example, Prius, first mass production hybrid car in the world, is clear indicator of innovative mindset of Toyota Motor Corp. In terms of quality and flexibility, Toyota Quality Management is one of well known systems in world ...

Mahindra E20 Case analysis

So E20 will be facing a huge competition from Hyundai again, Mahindra has to pitch up into more marketing its product and has to increase service centers and recharge units all over India. As Mahindra has manufacturing unit in India only, consumers might have a different perspective regarding it as they will get better services and availability of parts will be easy and cheap. So, Mahindra has to ...

Financial and Strategic Analysis of Honda Motor Company

Enhance business/sales activities by understanding customers’ businesses better. Get detailed information and financial and strategic analysis on companies operating in your industry. Identify prospective partners and suppliers – with key data on their businesses and locations. Capitalize on competitor's weaknesses and target the market opportunities available to them. Compare your company’s...

Order Qualifiers and Order Winners for Toyota

Since, Toyota always spares huge amounts of money about research and innovation for car manufacturing as explained in deeper within Toyota and Innovation section below. For Example, Prius, first mass production hybrid car in the world, is clear indicator of innovative mindset of Toyota Motor Corp. In terms of quality and flexibility, Toyota Quality Management is one of well known systems in world ...

FAQ about Cars

What The Truck

...Both Chevrolet and Ford provide quality full-sized trucks that are fully capable of getting the job done. After evaluating the stock options of the latest model truck from both manufacturers, the decision lies in what the consumer believes is more im ...

What Is Classical Conditioning?

...For example in the sale of cars, men usually are interested in buying cars. Many companies are using young models to unconditionally stimulate men who develop an unconditional response towards these girls. The association between cars and girls, put ...

Why Ferrari's Are Expensive?

...4) First of all, a price ceiling is a government-imposed limit on the price charged for a product. Second, the market price is at which the supply of an item equals the quantity demanded. According to the question when the incentive created by the go ...

How to Choose a Car

...In its home market, Nissan is the third largest car manufacturer, with Honda being second by a small margin of 2,000 units and Toyota in a very dominant first. Along with its normal range of models, Nissan also produces a range of luxury models brand ...

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