Carnegie Steel Mill Company

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Carnegie Steel Mill Company

It’s a honor to be ‘ere today with y’all Congressmen. I came ‘ere today to speak to y’all about the workin’ conditions in the Carnegie Steel Mill Company. We work twelve hour shifts, seven days a week. We don’t get any breaks, only the lucky ones who seem to find a minute or two to spare can get some breaks. Most don’t bring in food ‘cus we don’t have any time to eat while we work. We earn ten dollars only a week, while the salary of Andrew Carnegie is the salary of four thousand workers put together. There are not any old men here ‘cus its always hot and the work just sapped the life out of you. Most can only work ‘till the age of forty ‘cus of the conditions. Its swelterin’ hot all the time, we sweat a lot, an’ we drink tons of water. I lost forty pounds in three weeks. I’m super skinny an’ my wife is starting to worry about me. She wants me to see a doctor but I cannot afford one.

Another thin’ to add, we have only one, yes one, holiday an’ that is the Fourth of July. We should have more holidays because we work too long an’ get paid too little. Andrew Carnegie is a stealin’ son of a gun and needs to be brought to justice. My house looks, how to put this, ugly because my family can only afford a single room house, which currently has three in it total. Me, my wife, an’ my son, who is working in the coal mines an’ is only ten years old. His contribution to the family makes us go by barely. We only eat one meal a day if we can afford it.

I’m proposin’ a bill that will give us all a better housing’ breaks, more holidays, an’ a better pay. Please take in a consideration of what I said when you are overlookin’ my bill. Thanks for havin’ me ‘ere with y’all Congressmen.


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