Carlson's a handsome man

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I will meet with you tomorrow at 0900 hours. Let one of your men bring Delilah and her possessions down to your block now. I want you to get straight onto the job. Parkinson Carlson, you see to that Docherty All right, thank you for your time men. Good night to you all. – (To Brandy) sir, please try to see past the ethnicity of your son in law. He is a good man. Brandy Keep an eye on her Parkinson. She has betrayed me and may do the same to you Docherty, Carlson, Brandy, Lookouts, officers and NCO’s exeunt Parkinson I bet she doesn’t betray me, Hilts, make sure Carlson does his job quickly.

Let’s go Delilah; I need to get to Tango. Delilah and Parkinson exeunt Randerson Hilts… Hilts What? Randerson What do I do now? Hilts Just… just go to sleep. Get back to your block. Randerson I’m going to hang myself Hilts No, you silly man.

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I will think most badly of you if you do such a stupid thing. Randerson It’s stupid to live when life is torture. Only death can ease my pain. Hilts Please, shut your trap. I’d rather be a dog than kill myself for some girl I can’t have Randerson What do you suggest I do? I know it’s idiotic to be in so much love but it’s not up to me!

Hilts Not up to you? Twaddle! What we are is up to us.

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You just desire sex too much! Control that desire! Randerson I don’t believe it Hilts You sense love because you feel desire and you have no resolve. Come on, be a man. Hang yourself? Hanging is for fags or broken men. Don’t hang yourself! I’ve told you I’m your friend, and I’ll stick by you. Here’s what you’ll do. Sell all your possessions, your camera etc… and turn it into money. Delilah can’t prolong loving the Afric’ant any more than he can continue loving her.

She fell in love with him very loosely, and they’ll break up just as suddenly. Blacks are moody people. So get rid of your stuff and raise a lot of cash. Offer it to the goons. What seems sweet to him now will soon turn sour. She’ll dump Othello for a younger man. When she’s had enough of the Moor’s body, she’ll realize her mistake. She’ll need to have a new lover. She’ll have to have it. So have your money ready. Raise all the money you can. I can get the better of religion and a few flimsy vows between a foolish barbarian and an immoral girl.

You’ll get to sleep with her; just put together some money. And to hell with hanging yourself! That’s completely beside the point. If you’re ready to die, you can risk death by committing crimes in an attempt to get the woman you want. Don’t just give up on her and hang yourself. Randerson I see sense in that. Can I count on you? Hilts You can trust me. Go now and get the dough. I told you before, and I’ll tell you all over again: I hate the Moor. I’m dedicated to my cause of detesting him, just as devoted as you are to yours.

So let’s join forces and get vengeance. If you seduce Desdemona and make a fool out of him, it’ll be amusing for both of us. Lots of stuff may occur. Go dig up money. We’ll talk again tomorrow. Adieu. Exeunt Randerson That’s how I do it, being paid cash from fools. I’d be wasting my time dealing with a ponce like that if I couldn’t get something useful out of him. I hate Parkinson, and word has reached my ear that he talks ill of me. I’m not certain it’s accurate, but just the doubt is sufficient for me. He thinks well of me. Carlson’s a handsome man.

How can I take his place and use him to hurt Parkinson at the same time? How? How? Let’s see. After a while I could start telling Parkinson that Carlson is getting close with Desdemona. Cassio is a silky speaker and an attractive guy, the kind of man that people would expect to be a seducer. Parkinson is open and simple. He thinks any man who appears truthful is truthful. People like that are easy to control. I’ve worked it out. With a little luck, my plan will work. Exit As Hilts walks off, the song “Tainted Love” by Marilyn Manson starts playing.

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