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Carlos Albizu University

‘A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year’, is indeed a true statement quoted by Paul Sweeney. Why am I stating this in an admission essay? These are the things that marriage and family teaches a person. Overtly, it has been taught to us that, ‘A good family is a foundation for a society and the foundation the family is a good and healthy marriage.

’But, the rising divorce rates today have made a mockery of the system called Marriage and I would like to take a personal interest in contributing my share to society’s benefit in stabilizing this system called Marriage and Family. This being my purpose, I consider it a privilege to apply for the Masters degree in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy in CAU (Carlos Albizu University).

The very fact that the Homepage of the University Website states that it welcomes students from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and the promise to provide rich exposure to culturally diverse populations through academic training and applied experiences, I am confident that you are the right University that will fulfill my needs and aspirations. Therefore, I believe that this degree in the field of Psychology will serve as a complement in achieving my goals of marriage counseling and family therapy.

This aspect of mine is further strengthened by the Psychology section of the University Website that states that the curriculum in the University is designed to develop diagnostic skills and therapeutic techniques needed to address the dynamics of dysfunctional families and to facilitate growth. Therefore, with these skills, I am assured that I can help the families and individuals in need, work with people dealing with loss and various problems and extend my support in the best way possible by rejuvenating hope and restoring smile on their faces.

Adding to this passion are my people handling skills which I have acquired with the support of my Degree in Human Resource Management and my 20 years of work experience in the field of recruiting human resources and organization development. Hence, I would sincerely request you to consider my application for the Masters degree in the field of Marriage and Family Therapy in CAU and champion my goal to re-establish the ideals of marriage and family in the society, making it a better place to live in.

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