Carl Jung and His Theories Essay

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Carl Jung and His Theories

Carl Jung’s theories are interesting. He studied the personality as something very important to a person–it is embedded within us and is what emerges to the outside world so as to be seen by others. His three principles: opposition, equivalence and entropy is quite great and for me, really describe every humans’ way of interacting with their environment and the way they come to pursue and continue everyday life. I find it true enough that humans have this general life energy (libido) and uses it in everything they do.

All of us are rational beings and we always have these drives to get on with things we often feel that need to be done. Through our consciousness and unconsciousness, we are able to get past every obstacle and track our “missions” in life. Carl Jung explained in his theories that humans do tend to become someone in order to be accepted by other people and to succeed in life. And for me, he is trying to convince all of us that every human, young or old, are born to have visions and views in life, different aspect within us, and a will to be free and be happy—yet all of these are not totally within our reach because of our differences.

That’s why Jung, for me, was able to explain why and how people uses different mechanisms to live happily or even just be able to go on with life with his theories. I, as a person, can relate my personality to some of Jung’s theories. I can say that I am an: •Introverted feeling type because in this personality type, it is said that one is capable of deep emotions but avoid any outward expression of it. Yes, this describes me because I am the type of person that is strong on the outside yet fragile on the inside.

I tend to really suppress all my emotions because I am afraid to be criticized and be rejected by the people around me especially that most of them are stereotypes. •Extraverted thinking type because an individual having this type represses one’s feelings and emotions, is objective in all aspects of life, rigid and cold, and scientist. As what I have said earlier, I hide my emotions to avoid criticism. Also, I always have plans in everything I do in order to achieve positive outcomes even in the simplest things I make, thus making me rigid and cold since in line with achieving in life, I lean on focusing to myself and not with others.

•Introverted thinking type because this personality type describes the person as intensely concerned with privacy and understanding to oneself rather than other people. I always prioritize privacy and I can’t live without it. I always keep secrets because I don’t trust the people around me that much and I can’t risk my privacy to them… and due to this, I am more understanding to myself than others because my philosophy in life is to make the best out of myself first before others.

Some may say that I am selfish and greedy but that’s what I am, I always give myself the most priority I could give. Every person is different and unique. You may find someone who is like you or like the person you know but lying deep within us is someone only us can discover—if we can. We must respect each other in every way because we are made equal and that everyone should be treated in the same way.

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