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How to Keep Elderly Patients Happy
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Alzheimer's disease, or dementia, is a disorder that gradually causes a decline in a person’s ability to perform their daily tasks appropriately. The initial signs of Alzheimer's include failing to retain the memory of recent events and social interactions. Patients with Alzheimer's may face severe signs of forgetfulness as the disease progresses and this may hinder their ability to carry out everyday activities. Alzheimer's disease is not completely curable. The signs can only be managed with proper medications. Patients with…...
Call Me Joe
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This is a reflective assignment where I will be using the short films released by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2010) "Call me Joe" to consider the significance of evidence-based practice and reflection within health care services using the prospective role of the student nurse and the implications reflection may have on the delivery of effective care to their patients. The video is based on a scenario of an elderly man residing within a care home setting; the intention…...
Old Folks Homes
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When considering the nursing home option for parents or other loved ones, here are a few of the main advantages to keep to mind: Better resources and equipment: Private homes simply don't have the types of medical equipment and supplies needed to help seniors stay healthy. Many nursing homes are almost as advanced as hospitals in their ability to provide sophisticated care for patients on a 24-hour basis. High-quality long-term care: Due to modern medicine, seniors now live longer than…...
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Old Folks Home
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As year goes, we grow older and older regardless of who we are. Reaching the age sixty and above, we will be categorized as oldsters. Aging is traditionally described as the patterns of life changes that occur as one grows older. Taking care of an oldster is more or less like looking after a toddler. These oldsters will be too fragile and too sensitive. Their changes in life bring about many differences in them; physically and mentally. For instance, oldsters…...
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How to Keep Elderly Patients Happy
...Most importantly, patients with Alzheimer's or dementia need acceptance and love. Inclusion is of the utmost importance when dealing with an Alzheimer's patient. Countering their behavior of social aloofness and making them feel comfortable in their ...
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