Cari’s Story Essay

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Cari’s Story

An infection in Cari’s nasal passage and pharynx can spread to her sinuses because her sinuses open into the nasal cavity and the throat. The cough reflex makes a coughing response to the larynx, pharynx, and the trachea-bronchial tree. Cari’s respiratory system is clearing her lungs the cilia moving the mucus from the lungs and it starts the cough reflex sending mucus to the pharynx therefore you are able to swallow it or spit it out. The structure found in the terminal bronicoles and alveoli that would normally protect Cari’s lungs from infectious pathogens are called macrophages. The mucous in the lungs would raise the resistance in her air way because the small opening, the buildup would cause. Fluid would have some alveoli drown where they could not function and would buildup friction or rubbing. Cari’s compliance would increase because of the loss of volume reduces total lung compliance and cause it to work harder. The fluid would lower her total lung capacity by not letting the space by not allowing it to be filled with air.

The elevation cause her respiratory rate to alter her ventilation by the volume is total volume of air taken in and out each minute. Cari blood gases would show too much oxygen. The symptoms of panting like a dog and my chest hurts are what make me think she is low in oxygen. The oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin is affected by POC 2 and alkaline blood gases are down and the breathing has delivered more oxygen is released from blood and caused more oxygen to be used. The administration of oxygen would help her to breath. The anatomical structures in her respiratory system involved are the lungs and the alveoli. Cari was plagued with a chronic cough due to excessive mucus produced that doesn’t clear. The damaging effects of tobacco smoke because Cari respiratory system to be impaired is nicotine’, nicotine make the bronchioles smaller and decreases.

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