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Career site review is a famous career related website. The website offers easy to search tools not only locally, but also allows the users to apply overseas in various countries without leaving the local websites. The icons are bigger and clickable, which makes the interface easy. Unlike other websites, where job searching or registration links/button are normally in a corner or in small fonts. Monster. Com provides clear and visible links for job search, registration and even career advice. For employers there is clear and big add which makes it’s easy to post the job. Jobs can be searched both via key word, term or putting in a company name

 However the main fonts and links to other destinations are quite small, which makes it a bit limited in approach.

Hot jobs is a yahoo based website. Unlike monster hot job is US is based career website. The site has very easy interface with big icons. The search features are more detailed. For example user can search by key word or term or state. All job searches are automatically stored which a user can check back to avoid repeat search. Another interesting feature is to find job based on industry, which can easily selected from the tab.  One draw back is lack of career advice and very big web banner, which makes it a bit ugly looking. Over all hot jobs is a user friendly and easy to use career website.


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