Career Self-Reflection Essay

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Career Self-Reflection

Medical regulatory and legal compliance are important areas of health records management. Consider how deeply you might be interested in overseeing these aspects of patient information in your professional work.

From what you have learned about compliance issues so far, highlight the choices that best reflect your career interests and explain your reasons:

1. I would enjoy the authority for seeing that documents within patient files are complete, legible, and organized appropriately.

• True True
• False

because: There are times when patient records are unreadable and there should be someone with the ability to go back over the records and make sure that the doctor can read the information provided.

2. I would enjoy the authority for ensuring that patient files are filed accurately.

• True True
• False

because: Patient files should be filed in an appropriate manner to provide easy access to the doctor or others that need to know precisely where the fiule is at any given time.

3. I would enjoy the authority for developing procedures to track and circulate medical records effectively.

• True true
• False

because: I have provided feedback at my place of employment on tracking procedures for patient files because there have been several times when the doctor has come looking for a chart and no one knew where the chart was or who had it and that is not appropriate.

4. I would enjoy the authority for training office employees to follow records management standards.

• True true
• False

because: I have been proctor for my fellow employees on several occasions and I enjoy watching them grow in their positions.

5. I would enjoy the authority for keeping up with changes in filing policies and compliance standards.

• True true
• False

because: I would enjoy the filing policies but the compliance standards are a different story. I have stated several times I believe state inspectors should have to work in a nursing facility for one week before they set some of their standards because some of them have no clue what goes on in a nursing facility on a daily basis.

6. I would enjoy the authority for investigating reports of suspected violations of policies and standards.

• True true
• False

because: I am very passionate about privacy. Patient rights and patient privacy should be held in high regard. Not everyone needs to know a patients business.

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