Career Research Project on Business Management Essay

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Career Research Project on Business Management


Business Administration and Management, or Sales Management


Direct the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer.

Establish training programs for sales representatives. Analyze sales statistics gathered by staff to determine sales potential and inventory requirements and to monitor the preference of the consumer. Daily activities include selling or influencing others-convincing others to buy merchandise or otherwise changing their minds. Making decisions and solving problems, evaluating, and analyzing information and data to make decisions and solve problems. Establishing and maintaining a rappur with customers and employees. Basically providing structure within the company and making authority decisions. Sources: Career in Business by Richard Watkins page 27-35, Myers Briggs, Best Jobs for the 21st Century Second


Work experience plus degree, preferably 4 year degree. Majoring in Business Administration and Management, in which most schools offer degrees in business. Prerequisites that are needed to take and helpful would include macroeconomics, intro to business, accounting, microeconomics, Principals of Management and Organization, and many other courses that will prepare you for the management field. The current cost per credit at USF is $84.77 for Florida residents, the overall cost for 2 years for a business degree including cost of living would roughly be estimated at $31,930.00 excluding financial assistance, grants, and possible scholarships. Source: under prospective student.


Personality type: Enterprising. Enterprising occupations frequently involve starting up and carrying out projects. In management for example would include leading people and making many decisions, requiring risk taking. Abilities: Oral comprehension-the ability to listen to and to understand information and ideas presented verbally. Written comprehension-the ability to read and understand information and ideas in writing. The ability to communicate information verbally so that others will understand. Speech clarity-the ability to speak clearly and educated so that it is understood.

The biggest skills of all to me is the Speaking, being able to talk to others to effectively explain information and using critical thinking to use logic and analyze the strength and weaknesses of different approaches. In general you have to obtain a people person communication with a positive attitude and motivational actions towards the company and the employees.

Sources: Occupational Outlook Handbook page 347


Speculated at 23% growth with 89,237 annual job openings with 2.4% being self employed and 2.6% part timers. My interviewee stated that there will always be plenty of job openings and positions available for anyone with a degree in business rather if its for sales management or even corporate america because we are a consumer based country, all though this does have its ups and downs regarding the economy there will always be positions needed for qualified good character, educated, leading, person for any company. There will always be a need for leaders in companies. Sources: Best Jobs for the 21st century Second Edition by Farr Ludden page 206


Yearly earnings according to The best jobs of the 21st century is $57,300. According to my interviewee, the average sales management is usually also based on commission and perks within the corporation but says at least $30,000 annually but up to sky’s the limit depending on your motivation, desire, and determination to succeed. Sources: Best Jobs for the 21st century Second Edition by Farr Ludden page 206

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