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Career Research Essay

Psychology is the study of the human brain, its functions and its behavioral affects to us as humans. This field or specific job always has fascinated me as a child and now as a teenager it still does. Being a psychologist would suit me because it’s an overall interesting field and career path. It is a time consuming, intense and impacted course but as a professional job it meets my standards and requirement. It has good pay, comfortable job place and it is a steady career that is more than useful in just that field with that you are also able to create your own business and grow off your own knowledge and expand as an entrepreneur.

Being a professional job and with its extensive education it has a good pay. To be a psychologist you have to obtain a PhD or a doctor of psychology Pys.D. Working for both is a bit costly and may increase student loan debt and other debts one may have. Now to be qualified and licensed you must have either of the degrees, pass the national exam and then sign up to be licensure in state you want to begin practicing. That’s when the whole career changes. Cause now you are able to do what you love and a bonus: paycheck. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics . . . earned between $48,700 and $82,800. . .” (Cherry) that would be the estimated earning of a classified psychologist. With job sometimes paycheck may be unstable and pay may either go down or up but usually after the 5-10 years in the field the income pay may increase. It is also up to put in extra hours or to do part-time if psychologist is willing to give in extra time for patients and clients. I believe in the first years it may be difficult because now the debt and loans are being paid off with the first pay checks but later on it will pay off to give a good retirement plan.

Also psychologists don’t depend on the government unless you plan on being
an industrial organizational psychologist. But if in case a situation so terrible would occur and it would cause instability within field it wouldn’t be hard to find another job that requires the same knowledge because with a PhD you can pretty much move onto other fields, that may or may not pay as well as the actual psychologist get paid but it may pay enough to be considered livable and be classified as middle class. Psychologist career isn’t a government either so you can’t be considered to be a civil servant but some near qualifying jobs that may involve the government may be collaborations with FBI or criminal justice.

To become a psychologist it is easy to get a job and establish one but if planning to move out of the state and still want to be practicing the career licensing might be problem. Every state has different requirements and qualifications for the job so you might need to take the national exam a couple of times you plan on moving constantly. Working conditions for a psychologist is a really comfortable and accommodating. Most psychologist are usually self-employed mainly the offices are suited to personal desire and also fit to de-stress patients, mainly a neutral-toned environment to help relieve stress but it all depends on psychologist tastes and practices. Other workplaces may include “clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, community and mental health centers” (Bureau of Labor…). Or if you want to be a research psychologist working place would mainly be at universities or colleges. As well the working schedule is mainly accommodated around patients and clients. It is mainly really flexible depending if you are self-employed or if you work with an employer. Usually the hours are business hours. Since job depends if you are self-employed or employed a day or years may differ. Some days may be short and fast because some patients may be busy on day session or can’t see you on the appointment given. Or you may have a patient who just passed though something on an unexpected day and they may want to set up an unplanned appointment. Also, taking in consideration dates of vacations, holidays and weekends. It all depends on dedication and loyalty psychologist is willing to give for a patients and clients. Something I am willing to give time to help clients at time of need.

Psychology is a growing study within colleges today and has been growing for the last few years. Now it is a competitive and impacted field and it is a bit harder to enter the field. To become a psychologist you need to aim for a doctorate (Ph.D.) or a doctor in psychology (Psy.D.). To get proper certification you need to take; year-long internships, pre-doctorate or post-doctorate supervised experience to have what it takes to become certified and licensed. Mainly in this field you don’t have promotions or you don’t have supervisors because once you are fully certified you are your own boss. With this you don’t have to gain other knowledge other than knowledge obtained. You may be able to conduct studies and researches to gain more knowledge to study in depth clients and patients situations more in depth. Some important qualities to have in mind while entering career are “analytical skills, observational skills, communication skills, patience, people skills, problem-solving skills and trustworthiness” (Bureau of Labor…) skills I have making psychology a perfect, suitable career for me to embrace and consider.

With psychology being an extensive career that takes time and dedication and of course the most intense classes in my opinion the study is really interesting. Psychologists mainly study the mental process and the human behaviors by observing, interpreting, and recording how people and humans react to one another in an environment. With patients and clients they want to understand and explain: emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviors in which they seem to be troubled. In this career a lot of paper work is dealt with. You have to gather information, analyze, and take notes of patients or clients. They have to also make treatment plans and diagnose them with disorders, establish them in asylums or mental institutes or may also refer you to family therapists and/or personalized therapists and counselors. Mainly a psychologist “they help mentally and emotionally distressed clients adjust to life. . .” (Health Care Salary. . .) something I am willing to do.

Even though the job is fun and exciting it also has its own emotional factors into the role played as psychologist. This career may “depress your emotions for the most part because you are mainly dealing with people who have been through a lot” (Gomez). You may also have to deal with people of all ages so it all may be emotional draining and it may depress your spirits but as a professional one must remain calm and try not to show emotions
because you have to be the strongest to help your patient out of whatever mental state they may be in. A regular session may either take place in your own office or in a special room where your patient feels comfortable to unwind and de-stress. It may also take place if your patient is in a clinical institute or under supervision. So all situations are taken into consideration.

With this so more reasons psychology and being a psychologist really interests me is the fact if I already have acquired knowledge and this no longer entertains me I am able to move on to another job with the knowledge I have obtained. This field is so diverse with the knowledge obtains mean while or on the pursuit to getting a doctorate. Also if I decided to stay in the job I don’t have to be employed I can also be self-employed and expand my career from there too.

The jobs that branch off of the same psychological field are; anthropologist, mental health counselors, market research analysis and these are just a few of the different jobs that branch of it and it is very diverse and something new is obviously in store with this great career if you barely drift off for a bit. With this field you are able to win a lot of rewarding positions. Also it is said that this field is one of the ten to be growing and it’s expected to be a impacted intense career later on in the future.

“Employment of psychologists is expected to grow about as fast as the average” (Psychology Ph.D. . .). This is what’s expected for a few years to come. Career is not at all vigorous nor does it include health so anyone is capable of pursuing this job and career because all that is asked of career is the ability to use reasoning and analyze. Technology also won’t be a problem with in job because a computer or a smart-phone won’t be able to replace this career since technology isn’t so advanced to accurately treat, diagnose and observe an individual. As well all qualities and skills learned in this career can also be recycled to be used in other jobs and positions. This leads to many different job opportunities.

If you are an entrepreneur that has soaring high ambitions this road would be perfect to take advantage of the many and multiple opportunities given. With a Pys.D. at hand you are also capable of getting jobs maybe at a higher government position like in government facilities or at a U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and some of Federal Agencies which may be swung by the economy but as governments job it may have some good civil servant and benefits. But it is mainly possible and more likely to be self-employed. Also jobs as a self-employed employee provide more flexible hours around your own schedule.

I believe the psychologist job would suit me well because it is a very broad career that can help me grow as an individual and also help me develop a more successful career. It is also a very interesting study to partake in. even though it may be becoming more than impacted, intensive and competitive it has so many opportunities to offer.

The pay for the job is splendid. It is an honest pay for such a fun, interesting career. All the qualities necessary for the job I already have. I just need the education and the proper training and I’m pretty sure I’d be a good psychologist. Within the job you can potentially grow with colleagues that want to pursue the same career and you can be potentially business owners and make a company.

This job would also be the perfect fit because I enjoy helping others with their life and emotional health. Also doing research to get to the bottom of whatever is the problem. If I am able to help and save them from themselves then why not. If I am able capable of making them feel better then why not? Since this career is mainly focused around research, analysis, and observation the career is almost to perfect. As well the fact that I am able to recycle my own knowledge to create and start my own business. With this job there are incredible amounts of opportunities that cannot be put down.

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