Career Plan Building Activity Essay

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Career Plan Building Activity

With the understanding of how one deal with others is important. The Phoenix Career Services module identified my strengths as able to cope with pressure, adhering to values, adapting to change, and following instructions as my to top competencies. It is important to understand your own personal strengths better to be able to deal with others. My personality traits are easygoing and willing to work with others. I consider myself to be a good listener and care about others.

This will allow me to build the framework from understanding what is needed within the business and how each person personality traits works toward the common goal of the business. Each functioning area of the business will have its own set of competencies needed to perform the job effectively. In each area communication will be important. It will be important to communicate with the specific people performing the task to understand what is needed and what it will take to the job.

A person from the outside that does not do the task on a day-to-day basis will not have the same understanding as person who does it every day. Input from several individuals will help making the job successful. Understanding the purpose of each job and communication is important. I am a person who is not aggressive and like to discuss my opinion. I will have to change my communication skills in the area of communicating my opinion and suggestions to other. After, listening to others about what he or she needs with the business I would have to work on how I would communicate my plan.

I would want an effective plan that monitors and highlights the knowledge and skills of my people. Knowing one’s personal strengths and communication skills are part of the beginning process of becoming a better manager. In today’s business world it is important be able to adapt and to grow a successful business. Understanding others opinion to come up with a plan within a company is beneficial. With the ability to communicate and bring forth a plan one will help one become a successful company leader.

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