Career for the Future Essay

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Career for the Future

An attorney at law is a practitioner in a court of law who is legally qualified to prosecute and defend actions in such court on the retainer of clients. An attorney at law can either defend or prosecute personal within the confines of the court. To be an attorney you may, one, own your own practice, two, become an attorney through some form of government branch of military branch or three, you may work through another attorney who owns a law practice. Since law was invented and upheld it has been ever changing. In the late 1800’s society witnessed a drastic incline of demand for attorneys, this was due primarily because the education systems were poorly structured and not usually required thus many were simply not educated enough to become attorneys let alone read. Over the course of time and millions of dollars invested into the education industry the demand for attorneys declined. Sadly the decline was met by a incline of students learning and training to become attorneys.

The lack of demand for attorneys has put well educated people jobless and on the streets. Many students who graduate with their law degree never even get to use it, or if they do they decide to start their own practice and it soon goes belly up afterwards. As well as the decline in demand the law field is ever changing due to the fact that laws are changed, added too, and created every day. With the non-stopping change this means the attorneys have to be always vigilant and always ready to learn. The future of the law field lies within the next generation. If the demand does not raise it’ll mean many more jobless young educated people within society.

Luckily, many colleges have foreseen this and developed programs for students to take their degrees and alter the career path to something that there is more of a demand of without making the students restart college completely. If the next generation can effectively balance the demand with the supply it could mean a new start for the law field. After thorough research I feel that the law field will only become more difficult to enter, due mainly to the fact that there is a drastic difference between the demand and the supply. I’ve decided that the best course of action for those wishing to still enter the field would be to enter through the government thus providing a steady and safe job for said person. With the changes that have already occurred and the changes that are yet to come, i believe the most effective thing to do is to plan ahead. Look into college programs as well as research the government fields available, make sure to have a backup plan just in case. Be sure to fully understand A. Attorneys at law what is it?

an attorney at law is a legal representative sworn to uphold the law to the fullest extent There are two main types defensive and persecutive
defensive defend personal within the court
persecute prosecute.

B. Changes that have occurred
harder to get into now
laws always changing
how lawas have changed
why lawyers are needed
how the demand changes
safest way to get into the law field.
C. Future Changes

Lies in the hands of the future generation
could continue to get harder to enter into
Could be a raise in demand for lawyers.
D. Layout my options
entering the government to maintain a stable job
going through the military to ensure a steady job with benefits. E. Restate the thesis and Conclude
restate and conclude everything.

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