Career Comparison Assignment Essay

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Career Comparison Assignment

Since I first arrived in the United States as an international student from Vietnam, I always want myself to be a professional accountant. I have evolved to be convinced that a university in this develop country will help me to fulfill my dreams in the near future. I am described as an organized, sociable, and helpful person in many friends and people around me. Therefore, I believe that being an accounting is a best decision on my future career according to my personalities and aspiration. There are many reasons why becoming an accountant is a good choice for my future. It was because I believe that I am good at math, and I have strong analytical skills, which are very important to become a professional accountant. Becoming a professional is exciting. Also, accounting degree is a smart choice to open doors in any kind of business. It can give me the foundation to go on and become a CPA, to pursue my own business, or even to work for government. An accountant can fill many different business positions and roles. I can work for myself, and I can work for a public accounting firm, or government. Another reason why I choose accounting as a career is the potential international it creates. At its most basic, accounting rules are very similar across the world; a debit is always a debit and a credit is always a credit. For this reason, I can apply my skills and knowledge consistently in may different countries. In addition, accountants are well paid and given high promotions. There are numerous of job opportunities and high demands for an accountant. The demand for accountants appears to be growing and outstripping supply.

Job opportunities in today’s business are better than ever for accountants. Therefore, I don’t have to worry much for not getting a stable job after having an accounting degree in my hands. From taking the career assessment, I have been identified my strengths and potential weaknesses of my type for the career process. The report from the assessment helps me identify job families and occupations that are good fit for me. I have learned many new things about myself throughout the report. The test results that I am an introvert, sensing, thinking, and judging kind of person. I have been reviewing myself and I think the report might be right about my personalities. Throughout the report, I’m considered to work as a programmer, a systems analyst or mathematician. However, I think the report is only one source of information. I must consider my skills, interests, values and goals to achieve my favorite career. This report reveals challenges, strategies, and action steps to plan my career in the long-term goal. This report can also help me select a college major or course of study to prepare myself in the environment that train and develop my skills best. In conclusion, choosing the right career path is always important to me because it can help me set professional goals and develop strategy for getting where I want to be. And I believe that I can make a big improvement of myself to become a high qualify professional accountant in the near future because I honestly love being an accountant.

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