Career College vs. Community College Essay

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Career College vs. Community College

After schooling a student may have a number of options. A number of colleges have come up that can meet up the various requirements of the students. The new era students are having now expanded demands and desires for their career and future. So, to meet their needs the various colleges are also coming up in the help of the students.

What is a Career college?
Career Colleges are the new day colleges. They are the modern colleges that have provided the modern students a new scope in the various fields. They are not the general colleges of doing bachelor degree and master’s degree in general streams.

They have specialist subjects that offer professional training to the students. These days the mentality of the students and also the parents has changed drastically. In previous days parents and students had only some of the limited choices such as medical, engineering and government services. But now a number of choices have come as add on to this career option.

The varieties of career options now available are the hotel management course for services in various hotels, restaurants and clubs, management degrees for various corporate offerings and much more. Now a time has come when a person can even convert his or her hobbies to a study. This has only led to a vast number of diverse courses such as art, aviation, animation, web designing, linguistics and many more. Both bachelors and masters degrees are provided by these colleges. Even other types of degrees are also provided from here.

What is a community college?
Apart from choice, students have also got colleges that offer them studies as per the comfort zone of the students. There can be a number of students who have problem of joining and regularly attending a college. There can also be students who are not that financially strong and are not able to afford the cost of the career colleges. In these circumstances there are a number of colleges that support the students in all areas. These are the Community college.

These days the community colleges are becoming great options for many of the students. These colleges are flexible in their cost, time and methods. They provide all types of courses from full time to part time, from 3 year courses for 6 months courses, all depending upon the candidate’s capability and need.

The pros and cons
As everything has its own pros and cons so does the colleges also. Both the colleges, Career College and the Community College have their own pros and cons. The career college is the most sophisticated academic center. They are the most professional and properly handled colleges that provide the most technical and professional training to its students.

On the other hand Community Colleges serve the most cost efficient and time efficient academics. The fees of these countries are lesser than the career colleges and have time flexibility for the students to attend the classes as per their requirement and need.

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