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Care and love Essay

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However, this is when we contradict our first impression of him being a caring father, because no commendable father or even guardian will wait until morning to find out what is wrong with a child. Especially if previous events might have been the key to the survival of the child. We first see how he treats his daughter, Betty now we see the other responsibility he neglects, his niece; she is an orphan and should be treated with care and love.

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Instead he questions her commitment to the church and notes she was “dancing like heathen in the forest”; this testifies that he really does not care about his own flesh and blood, being an outcast of the church in this time was very dangerous: it was the centre of the community.

Hale’s main interrogation method is to ask leading questions; therefore his victory of the debate whether Tituba was a witch or not. In the same way Parris asks leading questions to Abigail “What did you do with her in the forest?”. There is one thing about Parris though when dealing with minors he always is completely sure of who should take charge of the conversation. Parris is quite selfish on numerous occasions he talks about himself more than Betty, by “my enemies” and the fact that “they will ruin me” does show some sort of over reaction. Getting frustrated over position and forgetting the main cause of the conversation driven to the point of believing a “faction swore to drive me out of my pulpit” we see definite troubles in Parris.

The employment of a teenager nearing womanhood was very important it showed that you were respected if you became a servant in those days, Abigail had not been employed for a “seven month” but until this conversation he had always over-looked the matter and never inquired why as to she was sacked. The Crucible reveals to us the modern day “tooth for a tooth”, Parris uses emotional blackmail, when he demands for an issue to be revealed in his favour he declares that he has “put clothes upon you back” this implies the use of emotional blackmail for getting something he wants; but putting clothes on your nieces back should not be a chore.

Goody Putnam is the husband of a wealthy land owner, when she intervenes he shows a certain “deference” towards her for she is on the winning side of the community her husband is a rich land owner. Parris shows greed and hunger for money and status, he is easily “swayed” into agreeing with the Putnam’s that witches were among them in Salem we get the feeling of neglecting one self he is a man who thinks he is prosecuted everywhere, unpopular and mistrusted in the community. Finally Parris makes a decision and indeed leaves in kin over money and power, he cleverly leaves Abigail in a complicated situation by stating “then you were conjuring spirits last night” he gives away his own kin for power and respect.

Millers concern is that many in power are led astray by greed. Miller wants to have these people not in control of the public and it is people like Parris whom are dangerous and selfish Goody Putnam and Parris have similar status she is a women she is married to a powerful landlord. Parris looks up to her and will believe anything, like her. In order to keep status. Goody Putnam is directly portrayed as a “twisted soul” Miller makes us keep a open mind. We already get the gist of this. It means that a person who not trustworthy and has been through so much that they have become bended to one side of an argument. She has been described as “Death ridden” because she had lost all her “seven babies”. Later on we will learn how and why she acts in such a irresponsible and insane manner.

When she first appears with play she is “shiny eyed” this gives us the opinion that she had just heard extraordinary news that Parris daughter had just flown over a barn. “How high did she fly” as a question shows clear stupidity for then or now anyone could have worked out for themselves they cannot. She indicates to Parris that the “devil” was right under his nose and in his household for there was a “stroke of hell” upon him and the “devil” was directly attacking him.

Goody Putnam’s only daughter is “sick” as well and has the same sort of sickness as Betty, before thinking of a medical explanation she forces a recognition of witchcraft for the “devils touch” was on the children and was no natural cause for this illness. This superstitious ignorance was terribly dangerous then: There could be a false accusation and someone’s life would pay the price these are Millers concerns.

She does in some reference act like Hale. She is completely zealous in terms of supernatural causes but her reasons are not intellectual but ignorant. In depth we must look why, she believes she gave birth to seven “hearty babies” which suggest they were healthy. But “withered” in her arms. Now we could have a reason maybe a rare type blood disease for instance. At the time, a lack of science helped to sustain superstitious ideas She is so immersed in her beliefs to the point that she sends her own daughter, Ruth to dance with the girls and try and “get closer” to her previous dead kids. This is entirely a kind of taboo. Since there is no other resource or explanation for these things at these times, the supernatural good and evil were heeded: the local doctor was “baffled” because the science was not advanced, not because the devil had intervened.

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